MRW: Goals for an Injured Runner

Drum roll…….race day is TOMORROW!!!!!!!! The Tartan Twosome is a double race at Maritime Race Weekend and I’m supposed to be running 5k & a half marathon. Right now I would be freaking out, panicking a little about my upcoming hilly half marathon. I’d be questioning my training, double checking my fuel for race day, packing my clothing must haves and yes, butterflies of excitement in my stomach.

However, I’m just relax’ and maxin’, I’m freaking out because I have nothing packed and ready to go for my family (it’s a family trip to the city) and I don’t even know where my Garmin is. That’s a lie, I know where it is 🙂

Runner Plays Soccer: Get’s Hurt.

As I mentioned before, I made the decision to play soccer back in June knowing injuries can happen. It was training for soccer that got me into running. I hated it at first and I remember I was so slow at the beginning of our season. However, over the four months that I trained: speed work, fartleks, sprints in between power poles, puking occasionally at the soccer field, going for a long run, I eventually became one of the fastest forwards on my team. I was 15/16 years old.

Lucky for me, I continued to play soccer and run. Lucky for me, I get to still play both sports with a young family and husband that works shift work. Lucky for me, I get to make these decisions. Sometimes decisions have consequences and you have to live with the outcome. Getting injured during soccer was always something that “could” happen and it did to me.

Do I regret playing soccer this summer…ha ha, heck NO! I loved it and am waiting patiently (or trying to) until I can get back on the field too. Yes, I’m going back to playing soccer when my ankle is ready for it. My cleats aren’t ready to retire.

So, really…I’m just feeling happy and thankful. Thankful that I get to be at such a fun event, thankful that I get to see my family and so many friends running. Thankful that I’m going to run/walk two 5k’s, thankful I get to show my daughters that I have goals, passion and am not going to let anything stop me, and thankful that I have a supportive husband. I’m happy he is running HIS half and can’t wait to see him cross the finish line.

Life throws you lemons, so you make lemonade and ENJOY every last sip!

Me making lemonade at yoga Tuesday!


Injured Runner Race Goals

My goals for both 5k races are to simply enjoy them; take in the gorgeous scenery, pose for selfies with friends, enjoy the atmosphere, cheer on other runners, wait for my husband and Krystol (my running buddy) to finish rocking their half marathons; and really JUST BE PRESENT.

I couldn’t run last year due to injury but was so lucky to be able to volunteer last minute. Though I feel my ankle is a minor injury, I’m still going to wait until next week to get an accurate diagnoses to figure out long term running. Why? Well, I signed up for another race in October….seriously! Lemons and lemonade folks!

Good luck to all those running Maritime Race Weekend Friday night and Saturday morning. May your feet feel light, the weather just right and finish your race with a fight.

You can see all the fun on Instagram!

Anyone else running Maritime Race Weekend? Say Hi if you see me!

Anyone racing this weekend?

16 thoughts on “MRW: Goals for an Injured Runner

  1. I love your attitude about all of this. I had wondered if you regretted playing soccer, but I am so happy to read what you posted. Things happen and we can’t sit out on all of the fun because of what might happen. Have a wonderful time!

    • Nope, I totally don’t regret playing soccer. I miss it just as much as running actually! Things happen and I took the risk. Life sure isn’t about sitting on the sidelines 😉 And thanks, I’m really looking forward to it and getting excited!

  2. Lemons to applesauce! I hope that you are back on track soon. This reminds me of getting hurt running the Chicago Marathon. I don’t regret my running that the way that I did–I will get to do my race one day, and so will you!

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