Back to Running

I’ve been cleared to run again and play soccer….wooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!

This past Wednesday I had my much anticipated physiotherapy appointment and it was great. I injured my ankle Aug 14th playing soccer but it was the oddest injury to date. Very little swelling with lots of pain. I rested, I swam, I did yoga, I even cycled a bit. Then I broke down a snuck in a run AND then a double race at Maritime Race Weekend.

After my hour and a half assessment, it was figured that I probably had a first degree strain but most of the injury was joint not ligament, hence the limited swelling I had. He was happy with where I was at and asked me to stay a little longer to go over some exercises. My stability is horrible so most of the exercises focus on that, plus will assist with my running.

Back to Running Favourites:

  1. Easy running outside in the fresh cool air. Glorious!
  2. Running is time to myself. This may sound greedy or selfish but I know that when I’m running consistently, I’m a better Mom and wife.
  3. The sound of my Garmin beeping, I think it’s happy I’m back to running too.
  4. Permanent smile on my face during last nights run. I even had people wave at me and I don’t know who they were.
  5. The struggle. When you are almost done your run and your lungs are giving up before your legs but you just keep pushing forward anyway.
  6. Accomplishment. That feeling when you finish the distance or time you’ve set out for. You smile, you breath easy, you feel great.
  7. PT exercises that are actually really hard to do. My stability is horrible I’m learning.
  8. The support from loved ones, thank you 🙂


For now, I’m back to running one day and taking the next day off so I can build up my distance and avoid injury. I’m even allowed to play soccer with my brace so, yup you guessed it…I’ll be back at that too.

If you’ve been off running for a while, what’s your favourite thing when you get back to it?

Any weekend plans? Racing, training?

Are you into fall temps yet?

24 thoughts on “Back to Running

  1. I have not been side-lined much in the 11+ years of running,but when I’ve been on a self-imposed sabbatical it has not been fun. I’ve have a couple (?) singe-week gigs with no running (due to plantar fasciitis), and just getting back out on the road feels so freeing! It’s so tempting to resume doing what you were doing, but I’ve been pretty disciplined about taking things slow (so I don’t get side-lined immediately…again!). Good luck rallying back!!

  2. I recently realised just how much I loved to have the wind rushing in my ears when I’m on a tough run. It’s one of those things that makes the struggle worth it. Good luck keeping injury-free (do your strengthening exercises girl, we’re all watching 😉 ) x

  3. YEEEEAAAAS! No better feeling than being able to start running again after time off. EVEN IF your body feels like you’re starting back at square one…you’ve done this before, you know what it feels like, you’re excited to put the effort in and see progress come. So yeah, I had to take 9 months off (like in a cast off) once and then I stopped running for about 4 months when I had my baby this last year. Each time I’d never been so excited to struggle through something. It is NEVER greedy or selfish to take running as time for yourself as a mom – don’t even talk like that. Don’t even think it. Dad’s who run rarely if ever say or think it.

  4. I just went through the injury/recovery and finally the return to running process. It’s tough!! Best wishes for a smooth transition back in to running and I am looking forward to following your progress!

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  6. Happy to hear! I just completed my first marathon and I’m easing back in to running more and more. It’s definitely humbling to push yourself, making yourself the best you for your kids. Happy running!

  7. Favourite part of running is definitely the burn in the lungs and stomach you get for a while after the run. Feels like it’s cleansing you from the inside

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