Running Confession

I kinda don’t want to run!

There, I said it….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I brought my gym bag…actually it’s my hiking bag but that’s okay. I brought my bag with all my running gear to work today with intentions to run at lunch. Somehow, in the busyness of the morning shuffle, I managed to remember every essential running item I would need. I didn’t forget my sports bra like that other time, or my sneakers, or underwear like that other time! Nope, I had it all. Even my Garmin fully charged. It was as if everything was aligning for me to run, but me.

It just sat there with it’s back turned to me all morning long. At lunch time I didn’t even open the bag. It sat there behind my seat. I knew it was there. I knew the opportunity was there but I just didn’t take advantage and go for a run.


I feel lazy. I am exhausted. I’m just kinda blah and not liking that feeling. Nothing’s wrong, no one is sick (well, we are at the tail end of head colds but minor now), my ankle isn’t hurting when I run. I just didn’t have any interest in going for a run at lunch time today.

The funny part is, I’m not really feeling ready to run 10k on Sunday but I love this local event. It’s close to home, my family can watch, my girls are doing the kids run, friends are running it and it’s THAKNSGIVING WEEKEND!!!! Obviously, I know I can do the distance but it’s not going to be pretty and I’m confident there will be times when I struggle – AND – I’m okay with all of that. I just don’t feel ready.

Since this is a running blog and I’m not running…OR blogging much lately, I felt I had to confess. I’m just not digging this right now. I’m hopeful this feeling will pass but looking for some motivation….and maybe some blog ideas.

I think my plan for tonight after I get home with the girls will be to put on my running gear after I walk in the house. That way, after I make dinner, bath the girls and get them to bed I can just sneak to the basement and jump on the treadmill with NO excuses….dishes can wait…right!

Do you have a running confession?

Canadians – what are your Thanksgiving plans?

Anyone running a race this weekend?

Hit me up with some blog post you want to hear about 🙂 


5 thoughts on “Running Confession

  1. Other than I haven’t been running, like at all? And although I miss the stress relief, I will say it’s nice to be able to just relax at the end of a long day of work, making dinner/lunches for the next day, doing chores, etc. LOL!

  2. We all fall out of love with running for a little bit. It’s totally okay. Everyone needs a break. Even elites take a good amount of time off (and eat a lot for a bit). It’s totally okay. Give yourself the break if you need it. The love will return. We’ve all been there.

  3. Totally know the feeling. It’s funny how sometimes when all the stars have aligned and you have opportunities to run, you just don’t feel like it. I’m kind of at the opposite spectrum right now. I get grouchy if I don’t get my run! Give me my run! It’s kind of like more desirable because it’s tougher to carve out that me time. Although I’m sure it’s still tough for you too! Exhaustion will do it!

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