Friday Five: Running & Thanksgiving

Oh me oh my, I finally ran last night on the treadmill and it was great. Yesterday I said I was going to get on my running gear as soon as I got home but I lied! Well, I didn’t intentionally lie but I just didn’t bother changing out of my work clothing until after the girls went to bed.

Getting back into running regularly after figuring out my ankle injury hasn’t been easy. No motivation, lack of energy, exhausted from long days at work and being up in the middle of the night with the girls. One thing after the other has kept me from running and it’s only up to me to change that. It’s the life of a mother runner, a dad who runs or life without kids too….and it’s okay. I’ll get there.


Last night’s treadmill run was just what I needed. I hopped on the treadmill around 8:10 and watched Chicago PD on my tablet. Mid way through I had to run upstairs, which is fun to do when you’ve been on a treadmill for 20 minutes or so. I desperately needed something to drink and had made a tropical Nuun before my run. I guzzled half of it and back down I went to finish off 5k. It wasn’t much and I wanted to run longer but Hilary has been struggling lately with some night terrors. I decided to stop at 5k and of course after I finished my PT exercises she woke up screaming. {Any tips on night terrors with kids?}

Favourites This Weekend:

One: It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada! That means family, friends, running and ALL THE FOOD!!!! We are having Thanksgiving dinner at my parents place in the city and I’m pretty sure I’m making this vegan apple pie:

Thanksgiving Vegan Apple Pie

Two: We just got a big box of vegetables from Nourish Nova Scotia. It was a fundraiser for Lilly’s school. In the box was sweet potatoes, beats, onions, potatoes, acorn squash, carrots, turnip, kale and parsnips! ALL THE FOOD!!!!!


Three: The Valley Harvest Marathon is this weekend. Since getting in my run last night I’m feeling a little better about my 10k on Sunday.  There will be no PB’s or close to 60 minutes but I’m just looking forward to doing a long run and getting back into training fo another half.

The course has three hills on an out and back course. Some people don’t like the hills on this course but I actually don’t mind them. They are long and gradual and there is something about getting to the top of them that I like. I paced the 10k (1:10 finish) last year and had so much fun doing it. I wish I could have paced this year but due to my ankle injury I didn’t think it was fair to commit to that and have to back out. I’m just not reliable enough to keep a steady pace for others.

The girls are also running the kids run tomorrow around the track at Acadia University. They are both really excited about that.

Lilly last year

VHM Kids Run 2015 Lilly

Four: Swimming lessons start tomorrow for both girls and it’s either going to go two ways. One – awesome or two – horrible for Hilary! She hates the water and really isn’t happy we signed her up for swimming lessons. She’s okay if she can wear a PFD (which they will for this level) but isn’t loving the idea. Fingers crossed it goes well. The good news is after swimming, we head off to the kids run which Hilary loves so I’m thinking that will be a good way to end the day for the girls.

Five: Last but not least: I’m looking forward to time with my little family AND big family. It’s been close to a month since I’ve seen my niece Ava so I’m looking forward to getting my mitts on her 😉 and the girls are going to go nuts over her. They can’t get enough of her.

That’s it for me. Keep an eye on Instagram for this weekends shenanigans. I’m linking up with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia who are hosting the last of the Friday Five Link Ups.

DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup

Anyone racing this weekend? 

What are you doing for Thanksgiving weekend? 

Favourite food item at Thanksgiving dinner?

Good luck to all those running Valley Harvest Marathon and Chicago Marathon this weekend!

14 thoughts on “Friday Five: Running & Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! That pie looks delicious. One of my favorites for sure! When my youngest went through a night terror phase we hung a “ghost catcher” in her window and that seemed to do the trick. Mega Chicago Marathon spectating overload for me this weekend. Oh and I’ve got a 20 miler. : /

  2. Happy thanksgiving! Congrats on getting in some miles- I bet you have a blast at the 10K! Sorry your little one is struggling- I like Marcia’s comment- she needs to turn the fear over and maybe a dream catcher will be just the trick! good luck!

    • Thank you! She doesn’t seem to remember the dreams/terrors so it’s hard to talk about them with her at this point. But I’m thinking a dream catcher would be helpful and I actually have one I made YEARS ago!

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