November Mileage Wrap Up

November seemed like the longest month this year for me. Maybe it was the fact that it was darker earlier, the time change or it was just so busy I’ve yet to catch my breath.

As I said in my last post, I’m really looking forward to December; birthdays, work stuff, swimming/gymnastics ending for the girls and of course the holidays. Now, when I say I’m looking forward to the girls lessons ending it’s not because I don’t enjoy taking them or watching them, in fact I love that. I’m just ready after 10 weeks of getting up at early o’clock EVERY SINGLE DAY….to “sleep in”.

Though November seemed long, I managed to get back into working out more which I was starting to struggle with. I feel like I’m getting back to how many days per week I want to be working out.


I could still get in a few kilometres tonight but wanted a break as I have soccer tomorrow night and would like a rest night. I’m hoping to run a little more then 47km in December as I want to run more kilometres then last year.

I want to get back to my long runs as I’ve been encouraged to do so my my Physiotherapist. My ankle is getting better but we’ve added some more strengthening exercises. Over Christmas last year I ran the distance of a marathon between Dec 24th and 31st and planning to do that again this year. Fingers crossed I can reach my goal!

How was your November?

Any December goals? 

Runners: Do you try to run more kilometres/miles each year?



From Running to Barre Class

When I’m not training for a race I try to stay as active as I can. However, sometimes it’s easy to fall into “slumps” and I’ve definitely had my fair share over the last few months.

You work so hard to follow a training plan for a race, run the race, enjoy the runner’s high and then what? Now what? Recovery, possibly. Extra recovery, potentially and then BAM! you’ve done nothing for a few weeks or months even.

I was kinda hoping to train for a winter half marathon but feel I might be falling off the wagon on that one as I haven’t had time to do any long runs. I’ve thought about those long runs and even planned them out; mostly an evening run on the treadmill. This past weekend I failed at getting in a long run as the heat from our wood stove sucked me in and I fell asleep on our couch at 8:30 PM. What an excuse!!!

I did get back on track Sunday night with a 7k treadmill run that I didn’t really enjoy but was happy I did it (when it was over, of course). Bad runs are still good runs.

My little wall I stare at sometimes.


I managed to go to Barre today at lunch and I had 2-3 moments of “I hate this”…” I hurt, please stop” …and “this is going to help my running”. My body felt great all afternoon at work which is energizing when you are working from a desk sometimes.


It’s been three weeks since I’ve been to a yoga class. And I miss it. I’m thinking my body is going to react with “what are you doing” and in utter shock! Let’s just hope I’m able to pack everything I need and not leave anything behind (like my sports bra and running last week). I missed my soccer game on the weekend as I was at a CAAWS (women & sport) workshop, so I’m looking forward to my game on Thursday. I’ll take that as my “speed work” for the week.

Also, I’m really looking forward to December and not just for Christmas. My youngest daughter and my husband have birthdays back to back (3rd and 4th) so it’s birthday party weekend coming up. I’m also looking forward to seeing my family and running lots over the holiday break.

How was your weekend?

Got any confessions to share?

What’s one thing you are looking forward to in December that’s not holiday related?

That Feeling Post Run

I finally got out for a run!!!!!!! I really thought I was going to die but it was surprisingly great!

My running buddy, Krystol and I met last night for chilly run and planned on going 5-6k (because that’s all I though my body could handle). The sluggish weekend and lack of physical activity in the last week had me thinking I would just struggle. I thought I would need to walk more then run as I felt “out of shape”.

Really, all I needed was a little kick start run like last night to have that great feeling post run. We bundled up, we had flashlights on our heads and bright reflective clothing and her four legged friend Fletcher.

Oh my…it was cold! I surely wasn’t ready for that. Winter hat and gloves for me, headband and gloves for her. As we set out I was nervous as we had a few hills to climb but we just kept going at an easy pace, chatting away.

Half way through the first hill I thought, this feels good but quickly reminded myself of the other hills to come. Don’t get too excited! Chatting away as we ran in towards town and eventually checked our Garmin. They read 3.2km. At that point, we figured we’d run to 3.5km and turn around to finish with 7k. My heart skipped a beat a little when I though, I don’t know if I’ll make it back.

We stopped at the top of one hill not because I felt it was hard but just because I wanted a little break. We stopped once more for Fletcher, then  we made it back for 7k. Just like that it was done. A super easy pace, lots of chatting and it was done!

nov 24 run.jpg

Running with a friend is so much better then by yourself. I needed that run! I felt great afterwards and went home to do my PT exercises for my ankle. Yeah, I’m still in physio for that stupid injury from August.

Back to that feeling. I felt great last night after my run but even better this morning. That post-run high is still lingering in my body and I’m hoping that’s the little fire that needed to be lit to keep me running.

I’m also motivated to run a certain number of kilometres this month and next. I’m not putting to much pressure on myself to meet those numbers as life happens and we have a busy weekend ahead of us. But at least I’ll have fun trying…I hope 🙂

How long does your post-run high last?

Any weekend plans?

What’s your motivator for a cold evening run in the dark?

Another Runch Bites The Dust

I planned it out.

I backed my back pack.

I EVEN charged my Green Garmin.

I mapped out a different route to run in my head on my drive to work.

I got through a busy morning and work and accomplished a lot on my to-do list. All was good.

Twelve o’clock hit…..time to runch!

I gathered my gear and headed off to change.

FaaaaRIG! I forgot my sports bra!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. I needed this run. I. JUST. NEEDED. TO. RUN!

Should I run in my normal bra….nope. Run with no bra, hell no. Seriously! I can’t believe I forgot my sports bra.


So disappointing…I just wanted to run.

Never forget your sports bra. Another runch bites the dust!

When was the last time you forgot a key piece of running gear?

What will you run without?

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, bloggers and followers.