Sunday Runday: Starting Over

Sometimes you have to start over in order to get where you want to go. You can’t always just pick up the pieces and move forward without starting off with the basics. That’s how I’m feeling about running right now.

2016 has been a year of ups and downs in the running department. Disappointing races (goal race), injury after injury and missed races. Though 2015 was by far worse (hamstring injury), I feel like I’m starting over once again with running. Maybe 2017 will be my year πŸ˜‰

There is a race (Hypothermic Half) mid January that I’d like to do but it’s going to be a last minute, expensive race decision. I’m okay with that, especially if I put money away here and there. The conditions can be horrible (snowy/ice to rain), it’s just that time of year. Β To run a half marathon you’ve got to be at least ready for the distance, right? I don’t want to set myself up for failure but not getting in the training so I’m kinda using this race as a goal to work towards. To keep me running now.

Not a PB goal but just something to help me focus on running in November, December and January. Again, I might not even run it but I’d rather train for it and be ready to run it. I mentioned last week that sometimes I need goals to keep me moving forward – this is a mini-goal for now.

Sunday Runday

Yesterday, I went for a mid afternoon long run. It was the slowest long run I’ve done in a long time but I didn’t care about that. It was hilly, on a paved road, then dirt road, followed by a trail and back to the road again. It was windy, warm in spots and cool in others. It wasn’t pretty but I ran 11k, the longest distance I’ve run since August. I’m going to take the distances as my win!


I feel like I’m starting over with running as it’s been a little on the back burner and I’m okay with that. My ankle is feeling good, especially on my long run but it’s still not 100%. I’m working on it.

Sometimes you just have to start over. And start over again. AND start over AGAIN!

Have you had to start over?

What’s your motivation/goal to stay active over the next 2-5 months (winter)?


30 thoughts on “Sunday Runday: Starting Over

  1. I’ve definitely had to start over! I was super into sports when I was in high school and university but almost stopped completely when I was done and had no one to create the workouts for me. It’s been a journey trying to learn how to do it myself but I think I’m starting to get there.

    My motivation to stay active over the next few months is getting to eat more Christmas goodies than I would otherwise πŸ˜‰

  2. I think almost all of us runners have had to start over at some point. I was just chatting with a client earlier this week who is making her own comeback. She felt all week like she had never run before and was so frustrated. It feels daunting and like it will never be the same. But keep doing what you are doing and you will be surprised. It’s still there! Mini goals are absolutely the best way to keep motivated and moving forward. So happy you are back. 2017 for the win!

  3. I did the same thing when doing the hypothermic half. I think I signed up a week or two in advance after watching the weather forecast for the day. I ended up with above freezing weather (in Ottawa in March which is usually unheard of) and a PR! Good luck getting back into it πŸ™‚

  4. I have been running so little and so sporadically these past several months that I am feeling like starting all over too… and I know it is going to be tougher mentally than physically!

    Don’t fret, just enjoy! That is what I am GOING to do! πŸ™‚

  5. For years, I’ve tried to keep my body “half-marathon-ready” year-round (though in Iowa there area not too many races of that distance in the winter). Last winter, though, I tried to sort of start-over. I ran throughout the winter, but never farther than a 10K (for my “long” weekend runs), and only ran 2-3 miles once or twice during the work week. Come spring, it was easy to build back up to 13.1 distance…just adding a mile each week to my long runs. It was mentally tough to let all that distance go…but it really did my body good. Just because you can run those long runs doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Our bodies need an off-season. I appreciate the longer distances a lot more and don’t take them (much) for granted.

    • Kimberly – thank you for your comment. I have literally spent the last week or so thinking I needed to always be in half marathon shape and trying to hard to get back there with challenges to get over (injury mainly). Thank you for being honest and reminding me to be okay with where I am at.

  6. Starting over is a-ok! I started over in 2016 after surgery and then started over this year with a trainer. there is always a do-over πŸ™‚ This is the time of year to run all the races when you run in the south- so I am enjoying the cooler weather!

  7. Starting over is ok. Also you need that rest and recovery time to remind you how much you love running and to bring you back even stronger. I had to start over after planter facitis. I was originally pissed, all I wanted to was get back out there. But I eventually relaxed, tried to focus on the positives of recovery time. Most of us never really properly rest our bodies. It was strange to not feel sore all the time. The long rest makes you ready again!!

  8. Oh my, YES! I’ve had to start over so, so, so many times. So many times. This is actually a really fitting post for me to read right now because I’m starting over right now too. Just wrote about it myself. We’ll get there. I wish you all the positive, healing vibes that whatever injuries you’re dealing with right now go away and stay away!

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