Yoga Before Bed Routine

Over the last few years I’ve really come to love yoga, specifically going to yoga class once a week. However, sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t always get there.

Now, I have a few yoga DVD’s at home and have used them but there is something about going to a class. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t just give up, pack it in and call it a day if I get bored or lose focus like I can at home.

I’m also a fan of finding workouts on Pinterest however, I haven’t been so great at actually using the pins that I save. I *always* have great intentions when I pin something but you have to find the time to go back and actually download the workout or recipe if you want to accomplish it.

Recently, I’ve started doing yoga before bed to help me fall asleep. Sometimes I want to spend 20 minutes doing yoga before bed and other times it’s just a quick and easy / feel good going to bed kind of yoga that I want.

5- Minute Yoga Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep

(who doesn’t want a good nights sleep?)



Again, it’s Pinterest for the win! Check out my “Yoga & Stretching” page. PS – I’ve tried very few of them but have great intentions when I pin them 🙂

Have you ever tried a bed time yoga routine?

Yoga in the morning or before bed or BOTH?

What’s your favourite yoga pose? Mine is pigeon pose.

12 thoughts on “Yoga Before Bed Routine

  1. I have a daily wake up yoga session – but I use an app DailyYoga. It explains every pose with video / audio and also has nice music and timing for each session. I’m afraid I don’t have enough discipline if it’s just a Pinterest pic ! 🙂

  2. I was in the habit of doing yoga at night during my marathon training, more out of necessity than preference for time of day, but I really enjoyed it! I need to get back into this habit. Tonight!

  3. I practice the breathing techniques if I’m struggling to get to sleep! I often do a small yoga flow in the house but I much prefer to go to a class! I always seem to push myself some more – and like you said, can’t really back out!

  4. Love this!! I also feel great satisfaction when going to an actual class but have started
    Making it a habit at home even if I just do 10 minutes ( although I don’t feel I am getting a workout more just a stretch but hey better than nothing) I enjoy the feeling of the spinal twist as my fav 🙂

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