Running Events in December

For the most part, running events have slowed down once late fall hits in Nova Scotia. Though we run year round – yes, we Canadians still run when the little white flakes fall down and accumulate over the winter months. Sometimes, we even run during snow storms just to get those last kilometres in before we have to dig ourselves out.

December is a busy month for many people and our family actually starts off the month with two birthdays back to back, followed by another one a week later. Christmas concerts at school, shopping, wrapping presents and work….urgh…still gotta work. One of the things I look forward to in December are different events. Everything from Santa parades for my girls, to Christmas themed runs where donations are given and funds raised for people in need. So, I thought I’d share two that YOU can participate in as well. You don’t have to be a Nova Scotian, or from the Maritimes – anyone can participate.

RunAtCan Virtual Solstice Run/Walk

RunATCan stands for “Running Atlantic Canada”. Atlantic Canada is made up four Provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. It’s a group of individuals who come together on twitter once a week (Sunday at 8pm AST) and chat about everything running related using the #RunAtCan hashtag. (You should join us!}

winter solstice scenery.jpg

This year, Paul – the mighty founder of RunAtCan – is hosting the first virtual solstice run/walk! And again, you can participate!

  • When: December 21st 2016 (Shortest day of the year)
  • Distance: 5k or any distance
  • Where: Where ever you please.
  • Registration: can be found here
  • Why: Winter months can be hard on people and depression is on the rise. Come together with friends locally and virtually to run together to be the light and fight the darkness of rough winter months.
  • Cost: $20 – $30.  WHAT, a cost for a virtual run? Yes, my dear…there is a cost and some of that money is going towards the Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Hashtags: #BeTheLight, #FightTheDark, #RunAtCan.

World Litter Run 

Another great event that I took part in last year is called the “World Litter Run” event. Now, this one does not have a fee and ANYONE around the world can participate. Wouldn’t this be awesome to see people running and cleaning up the earth a little, making places were we run and walk more beautiful.

  • When: December 7th – 11th, 2016 (okay, so it’s a week event, I lied)
  • What: Run anywhere, pick up litter, take a photo(s) and share on social media.
  • Hashtag: #WorldLitterRun 
  • Why: Beautification on the trails, paths, sidewalks we run and walk on and to clean up the communities we live in.

This is a really easy thing for us runners AND walkers to do. Simply bring a bag with you and go for a run/walk. You might want to wear some kind of glove cleaning up stuff too…. I might be talking from experience here folks! Clean up some garbage at the beginning of your run, during your run or at the end of your run.

worldlitterrun april 13

Maybe even get a group of friends together or your running/walking club and do this together. Group selfies using #worldlitterrun are going to be pretty awesome!

Heck, why not go out on your lunch break with your colleges for a walk AND clean up some garbage in your community. Lots of options to participate folks, let’s do this. Let’s clean up our communities that we run and walk in.

Will you participate in RunAtCan or World Litter Run?

What running related event are you looking forward to in December?

Do you struggle at all to get in any running mileage in December?

16 thoughts on “Running Events in December

  1. I am in Florida so I love to run in December! It was a long hot summer and the weather is slowly cooling off and it is perfect for running! The virtual runs are great options! I have a half and a 15K in December 🙂

  2. What a great idea on the World Litter Run! I’m going to give that a shot! I’ll be traveling but I’ll see what I can do.

    I live in Florida, so December is pretty much ideal running weather for us. I am really looking forward to my upcoming Ragnar Relay (on the west coast of Florida) in a couple of weeks.

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