Slugging Along After a Busy Weekend

I feel like I’m just slugging along these last few days. Last week our family was hit by a stomach bug and we all got it in different ways. Little H got it the worst, poor girl and Lilly had a horrible cough. It’s lingered on into a head cold for all of us now and I’ve can’t seem to catch up on sleep.

However, life goes on and somehow as parents you find a way to keep moving forward. Some days I don’t know how we all do it! I did managed to run once on the treadmill last week. It helped that I got some fun running tights from Costco…pretty sure I’ll be wearing them a lot this winter!


Our weekend was busy and this could be why I’m feeling so sluggish. Saturday morning started with a soccer game for me and swimming lessons for the girls.


We hit up a Christmas craft fair with my Mom and then a Santa Clause parade later that evening.


Sunday brought gymnastics class for the girls and both Saï and I agreed while shuffling the girls out the door we won’t be signing them up for ANY morning classes/lessons in the winter. It all worked out in the end and of course we were reminded WHY we sign our girls up for classes like this. Mainly, because they love it but also because we love seeing them happy and active. Sometimes you don’t always see the worth when struggling to get out the door.

We also saw the movie Trolls…oh my, it was really funny! Lilly went to it with a birthday party, so Saï and I took Hilary. I was hoping to run last night on the treadmill but the warmth of our wood stove drew me in and I didn’t. Now if I could only get to be before 10 pm and not 11, I think I wouldn’t feel so sluggish and have some energy to run.

How was your weekend? 

Do you recover quickly from stomach bugs?

Weekend are for relaxing or keeping busy….or both?

8 thoughts on “Slugging Along After a Busy Weekend

  1. A stomach bug??!! Ugh, that is the worst!! Take it easy this week as you easy your body back into life!

    Those are great tights – I have never seen tights that nice at Costco! What brand are they?

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