That Feeling Post Run

I finally got out for a run!!!!!!! I really thought I was going to die but it was surprisingly great!

My running buddy, Krystol and I met last night for chilly run and planned on going 5-6k (because that’s all I though my body could handle). The sluggish weekend and lack of physical activity in the last week had me thinking I would just struggle. I thought I would need to walk more then run as I felt “out of shape”.

Really, all I needed was a little kick start run like last night to have that great feeling post run. We bundled up, we had flashlights on our heads and bright reflective clothing and her four legged friend Fletcher.

Oh my…it was cold! I surely wasn’t ready for that. Winter hat and gloves for me, headband and gloves for her. As we set out I was nervous as we had a few hills to climb but we just kept going at an easy pace, chatting away.

Half way through the first hill I thought, this feels good but quickly reminded myself of the other hills to come. Don’t get too excited! Chatting away as we ran in towards town and eventually checked our Garmin. They read 3.2km. At that point, we figured we’d run to 3.5km and turn around to finish with 7k. My heart skipped a beat a little when I though, I don’t know if I’ll make it back.

We stopped at the top of one hill not because I felt it was hard but just because I wanted a little break. We stopped once more for Fletcher, then  we made it back for 7k. Just like that it was done. A super easy pace, lots of chatting and it was done!

nov 24 run.jpg

Running with a friend is so much better then by yourself. I needed that run! I felt great afterwards and went home to do my PT exercises for my ankle. Yeah, I’m still in physio for that stupid injury from August.

Back to that feeling. I felt great last night after my run but even better this morning. That post-run high is still lingering in my body and I’m hoping that’s the little fire that needed to be lit to keep me running.

I’m also motivated to run a certain number of kilometres this month and next. I’m not putting to much pressure on myself to meet those numbers as life happens and we have a busy weekend ahead of us. But at least I’ll have fun trying…I hope 🙂

How long does your post-run high last?

Any weekend plans?

What’s your motivator for a cold evening run in the dark?