Treadmill Runs and Snowy Winter Runs

Though it’s not officially winter, we are now in winter running mode in Nova Scotia. We only have a little snow on the ground but the temps sure have dropped a lot recently. I was rudely reminded of how unprepared I was to run in these temps.

Living on the east coast of Canada, we can get a lot of snow. I love snow as it means I can ski (downhill and cross country), snowshoe and play outside with my kids.I don’t always love shoveling the snow and am thankful I have a snowblower.


After a busy day with the girls, I jumped on the #merrymill after 8pm for a quick 5k as I missed a few days of runs and workouts. It was a struggle but I also challenged myself a little more on the speed so it’s my own fault. I was warm, watched “This Is Us” and tried to hold back the tears at the end, ran upstairs mid run for my water since I forgot it and didn’t have to layer up with clothing.

Bonus: Christmas lights on my treadmill, oh yeah!



I managed to get out for a longer run. I was really hoping to run over 10km but was limited on time as my husband had to go to work. It was bloody cold out but I felt like I had enough on: base later was a tank, then long sleeve smart wool shirt and my jacket; buff around my neck, thermal running pants, long socks, toque and gloves.


The first few minutes I was freezing but I warmed up quickly and had the wind at my back. I knew this would come back to be unforgiving when I had to run against it on my way home. I ran out 4.5 km and turned around and felt completely done.

My stride was off due to the snow and ice underneath. I didn’t care about my pace but just wanted that distance. The wind was whipping through my running pants and my thighs were significantly cold – this is normal for me. However, I could have put another pair of pants underneath – lesson learned.

In the end, I managed 9k completed and was physically drained. I don’t want to come off as complaining about my run but it was a good challenge and I’m glad I completed what I did.

I love running outside but sure am thankful I have a treadmill to run on when my husband is away/working. Plus I love the advantage of staying warm in the winter when I run on the treadmill. However, there is nothing more satisfying then running in the cold temps, feeling the burn on your lungs and getting any distance completed. Okay, maybe there is…but I’ll take a treadmill run or run in the snow any day.

Snow Storm!

We are about to get a dumping of snow today: 15-20 cm of the white stuff so, I’m pretty sure I’ll be out doing the driveway at some point with my husband. Nothing says “date night” like shoveling your driveway, eh! Don’t be jealous! Check out my Instagram for snow storm updates!

Anyone have a snowy run? 

Favourite trick for keeping warm on longer runs?

Would you prefer to shovel the snow, use a snowblower or pay someone else to do it?

17 thoughts on “Treadmill Runs and Snowy Winter Runs

  1. Just all the layers. And hand warmers. It is hard to keep your body temps up because you don’t get quite as warm as you are not running as fast as normal, but it is also a fine line because you are working pretty hard.

  2. I haven’t had a snowy run yet but I have been chickening out lately and not spending enough time in the outdoors since my marathon! Nice job with your runs, especially considering the wintry conditions!

  3. I have a treadmill, but seldom use it. It has to be very cold (like sub-ZERO), AND windy AND icy to keep me inside. I just cannot do the ‘mill LOL That said, I do love a cold run outside. Like you said, usually my gait/stride will be different because it’s a different kind of foot strike…more of a “step down & grip” as opposed to a “step out & push-off.” It certainly works a lot more muscles!

  4. I live in Florida, so this really doesn’t become much of an issue. Even at Ragnar, when temps were in the low 40s, I couldn’t have imagined wearing two pair of pants. I will actually wear shorts in the 40s – as long as I have gloves and ear warmers, I can handle it.

    I am with you though – I would much rather be outside than on the treadmill.

  5. Hmmm, lights on a treadmill might inspire me to run on a treadmill more. 🙂 I can’t even imagine shoveling snow out of my driveway. Actually if it snowed here, my driveway would be completely impassable. I live at the top of steep hill, yikes!

  6. No snowy run for me! I would not know what to do! LOL! This Florida girl has temps all over the place! lOve how you blinged out the mill for the holidays- nice job!

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