Chilly Temps & Lots of Excitement!

December sure is winding down here! With all the shopping, decorating and trying to stay active, we’ve come down with yet another head cold. I sure hope 2017 brings our family good health 🙂

Late last week we had some bitterly cold temps. I’m talking -15c with a windchill of -31c (5F to -24F). I’m pretty sure all of Nova Scotia stayed inside Friday. The drive to work was insane and they had to close down the highways because of blowing snow.

The cold temps rolled into Saturday when I had a soccer game. However, we all got to play a little soccer. Saï and the girls watched my game (when I scored a goal!) and then there was open play for families. Of course, the girls played a little one on one soccer, we ran around, played with ribbons and a parachute!


By Sunday the temps were up to +12c and RAIN – kinda nuts,eh! It was my only day to finish Christmas shopping and I got soaked.

Treadmill Running

I ran last night and did a little reflecting on all the races I did this year. All those medals were earned but all came with lessons learned as well.



Our girls are beyond excited for Christmas and I think the fact that we FINALLY decorated our tree last night made it even more exiting. We only got our three Saturday afternoon and it was snow covered and frozen! It took a little time to thaw and made for quite the mess.

We tired to get a family picture last night and this was the best we could get. PJ’s, Santa hats and bright eyes!


I planning to run the #BLTRxmas42 between December 24th & 30th. You are to run the distance of a marathon over the Christmas holidays. I ran it last year and it was a fun challenge to keep running when all you want to do is eat bad food and relax. Anyone can join in… use the hashtag #BLTRxmas42

What’s the one last thing you need to do before Christmas?

Are you having warm weather or extremely cold weather?

What’s one thing you want to see under the Christmas tree?