T’was The Friday Before Christmas

And all through the house, not a kid was whining not even…

Just kidding. I don’t have any rhymes for this.

I’m so happy Christmas is finally here as it seems like we’ve been gearing up for it for a while now. Christmas will be different this year but we are trying to make the most of it.

Tree Decorating

We decorated our tree Monday night – kinda late but a lot of fun looking and talking about all the ornaments we put on the tree.


Winter Solstice

Wednesday night my running buddy, Krystol and I got in a slippery 6k and enjoyed some of the decorated houses. We were scoping them out for evening trips for our kids. I was actually participating in the RunAtCan Winter Solstices run. We were running for Mental Health awareness as were 75 others across Canada (and a few US peeps).


Early Christmas Dinner

I spent most of yesterday cooking and baking treats for my family as it’s the only day we have together until Boxing day! My husband, who is a Paramedic works all weekend (crappy, we know) but that’s just life and how his scheduled fell. We’ll have 2-3 hours at the most tomorrow and Sunday so Christmas dinner was enjoyed early. AND, leftovers today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Since my husband is working this weekend, I snuck out for a quick yet slow 5k this morning. It was slow going as there were some slippery spots under the snow, so I wore my old yaktraxs which always twist on my right foot. Meh, it was better then falling on my ass. I did my PT exercises for my ankle – yes, that’s still an issue but I’m working on it.


The best part now is to just sit back and relax with our girls. I’ve watched a few Christmas movies this week but looking forward to watching a few more bundled up beside our fireplace. The girls are excited for a Christmas Eve gathering at their friends house, seeing the lights on houses in their new pj’s and leaving cookies out for Santa. And of course Santa’s arrival.

It’s going to be a very different Christmas for us at a time when everything is so magical for the girls. Again, it’s life and we’re making the best of it.

Merry Christmas! 

When are you having Christmas dinner? 

Anyone else sneaking in runs before you travel?

What’s your favourite Christmas ornament?

I’m joining for the first time this link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup.

Friday Five Linkup 2.0

Happy Holidays!

11 thoughts on “T’was The Friday Before Christmas

  1. I read the first few lines of your post and got really excited. I was hoping for a poem. Haha great job getting those runs in. Sorry to hear that your husband has to work this weekend, but more power to you for making it work out anyway. 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas! That food looks amazing. I love spreading the holidays out. I’m with you, I feel like we have been gearing up for this forever. And then it is suddenly going to be over and I always feel a tad sad about that. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. We’re having Christmas Eve dinner at my sister’s house, and Christmas Day dinner at my place. It will be a very different Christmas for our family as well, as our daughter is now living in Pennsylvania and not able to join us. It’s our first Christmas ever without all three of our kids with us ;-( Fortunately, with technology, we still can talk and facetime 😉

  4. I love Christmas leftovers! Christmas every year seems to be a little different now. As the kids have grown older and have their own lives I had to learn to be more flexible and enjoy the visits as they come! 🙂 and yes I am sneaking in 6 miles this morning!

  5. Aw, I hope you had a lovely holiday despite your husband having to work this weekend. I know how hard that is but somehow we find a way to make the best of it. 🙂

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