January Runfessions

Happy Friday Folks!

With only a few more days left of January, I thought I’d join in the fun and share with you some Runfessions from the last month, hosted by Marcia 

*Update/Runfession: When scheduling posts for first thing in the morning, make sure you use AM not PM.

Runfession: I took two weeks off running (unplanned) this month! I started off the month great; running 3-4 days a week then just kinda stopped. I stopped partly because of my next runfession but it wasn’t required of me to stop running. I did however, rest!

Runfession: I’m not loving the fact that I’m back in weekly physiotherapy for my silly ankle that just doesn’t want to heal. However, I’m thankful to have access to a great physiotherapist that’s working hard at getting my ankle stronger. Me and the BEAST have been hanging out lately.


Runfession: My goal this month was to run 75 km and I’m a little short. Well, to be honest, a lot short. I’ve managed 32 km and I’m not even upset, disappointed or bothered by the fact that I’m not going to reach my monthly goal. Life happens!

Runfession: Though I haven’t run a significant amount of kilometres this month, I’ve stayed pretty active. Between soccer games, random lunch time skating, snowshoeing in our only dump of snow (which is gone now) and skiing with the family – I runfess, I don’t regret taking some time off running.

Also, sometimes I make our lunches late at night after my soccer game. Yes, I’m still in my jersey and shorts…..priority was make lunches first, shower second.



Runfession: I’ve only signed up for one race so far this year – Maritime Race Weekend in September (5k and Half). I have a long list of races I want to do but right now, I don’t have an interest in signing up for them 😦 I’m hoping that when my ankle is 100% I’ll feel a little more motivated and register – or I might just wing it this year and sign up for races last minute. Don’t worry, I’ll at least train for them.

And I’m joining Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness  for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!Five Reasons I Love Blogging | Friday Five 2.0 | Running on Happy

Do you have any runfessions from January?

What’s one thing you loved doing this month?

Have you signed up for all the races or none?