Snowy Weekly Wrap Up

Snow, snow and more snow! Winter has finally arrived in Nova Scotia! We had a big storm last Friday (30cm), today we’re getting 30-60cm at the moment an other 10-15 on Thursday!

Though I don’t love being stuck in the house, I’m sure looking forward to snowshoeing and skiing! Last week’s workouts were all over the place with not a lot of running – so far, I’m okay with that. I’ve yet to sign up for a spring race so I’m not following a training plan at the moment. I’m struggling at which one to register because every since race I want to run my husband has to work those weekends – bad timing, eh! Oh well, I’ll find one and figure it out.

Workouts February 6th – 12th:

Monday: Rest Day. I was planning to go to Barre but bailed 10 minutes before the class as I was honestly, just exhausted. I needed a rest day.

Tuesday: 40 minutes on my new trainer! Woohoo! I came home from work to find my bike attached to a new trainer that my husband bought me! Now I can cycle indoors…hello cross training. And no, triathlons are not in my near future…I’ve gotta get over my open water fear first before I even consider it. That or be allowed to use a life jacket – HA ha, yeah right!

New trainer needs a name….


Wednesday: 5k Treadmill Run & PT exercises.


Thursday: Rest Day

Friday:  SNOW STORM!!!!!!! No running, no cycling but a wee bit of snow shoveling! We got around 30 cm of snow.

Saturday: Soccer Game. I had a 9 AM game so the whole family came to watch however, I was just coming down with our latest head cold. It was a rough game as I just didn’t have a lot of energy. We lost.


We stayed after the game as there is open play for families. We ran, played soccer, hula hooped and hung out with some other families. I did some foam rolling once we got home and relaxed in my Tiux Socks.

Speaking of Tiux socks, if you want to check them out at Tiux socks, use this coupon code: ANNASTIUX for 20% off! Free shipping in Canada and US!

Sunday: An hour of snowshoeing with the girls. Even though we were all feeling under the weather, I took the girls out for about an hour of stop-and-start snowshoeing. You know…“Mom, I’m tired and we stop for a minute”….sure! After the first few times, I kinda gave up and just went with it. We stopped to have a snack and some hot chocolate which ended up being the highlight of the little snowshoe adventure.


How was your week / weekend?

Anyone else under a snow storm right now?

What’s your favourite thing do to when stuck in your house?

Today, I’m joining for the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

24 thoughts on “Snowy Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I keep reading about everyone getting tons of snow this weekend (and it’s continuing in some places), but we’re enjoying 50-degree temps in Iowa! That’s like 30-degrees warmer than usual 😉 I know it’s not gonna last, though…there’s always a good late season storm due to arrive just as the spring bulbs start blooming…

  2. I’m so glad we didn’t have more snow hear. Sounds like you were still able to get some solid workouts in though. I love marathon training, but I do miss my Friday night soccer league too.

  3. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss now. We haven’t gotten much in MN at all, but this week is in the 50’s so I’m super pumped! I’m like you – I actually don’t fear water, but get clostrauphobic, so I don’t like the strokes that it would require for a tri. But I love the bike – I need a spin bike! Good work!

  4. Awesome that you got a trainer for your bike! Looks like you guys had fun in the snow. We have somehow managed to not get hit with any snow this year- but winters not over yet!

  5. Never been snowshoeing before. Sounds like fun! I used to live in PA where we’d get a lot of snow – never appreciated shoveling snow which is probably why I chose to move to SoCal. So nice of your husband to surprise you with a trainer set-up!

  6. No snow here, thank goodness. But lots of wind. They kept predicting that this would be the worst winter in a long time… which is still making me nervous. When is the shoe going to drop?

  7. No snow here in North Carolina at the moment. Sunday it got up to 80 degrees, which was freaky! That night it was back in the 30s. Our weather here tends to have a lot of highs and lows, though not usually that warm in winter. I can’t wait for spring! 🙂

  8. Wow to the snow! Can you believe it was in the 80’s this past weekend in Florida? I don’t think you and I live on the same planet! 🙂 Great job on staying active- kudos!

  9. I’ve never thought of naming my bike trainer. Now you’ve got me thinking! Let me know what you come up with. My swimming is horrible, but I’ve done 4 sprint triathlons. And I loved them! I just do the swim any way I can. Dog paddling is allowed. LOL. It’s already like spring where I live so the snow pictures and thought of show shoeing seem awesome! Thanks for linking, Anna!

  10. I have a fear of the open water, too! I think a tri would be super cool to add to my list of things I’ve never done but I can’t for the life of me get over the water part! Maybe one day!
    I know I’m a week behind but it was 80 degrees here yesterday!

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