February Runfessions

Happy Friday!!!!

It’s been extremely warm the last few days here in Nova Scotia and I’m dying to get outside of a run in this warm weather but it just hasn’t happened. Plus, I’m not done with winter yet as I’m loving being out in the snow but I’m going to try and enjoy these warm temps.


One: I runfess that I haven’t run very much at all this month. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even hit 15 km FOR THE WHOLE MONTH! It’s kinda nuts but I’m not bothered by the fact that I’ve barely laced up my running shoes. Who am I? However, I did have a great run in the snow last week! And by great, it means I ran in the snow trying to fight off a nasty head and chest cold and managed 4k.


Two: I runfess that I’m loving having an indoor trainer which my husband randomly bought for me one day. I mentioned before that you won’t see me taking on triathlons but you bet I’ll be using this to my advantage to do some cross training!


Three: I runfess that I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks! I wanted to post my weekly recap on Monday but it  was a holiday here (Heritage Day) but just didn’t get around to it. My family went bowling with my soccer team which was a lot of fun but I didn’t take any pictures. This was last week’s workouts:

  • Monday: Blizzard.
  • Tuesday: Blizzard. Snow blowing driveways and shoveling was my only activity.
  • Wednesday: Too sick with a head/chest cold to function.
  • Thursday: Nothing. See above.
  • Friday: 4 k Run outside.
  • Saturday: 9 am soccer game. 2-1 win and I scored a goal!
  • Sunday: Half day of skiing.

Four: You know how I mentioned I haven’t run much this month? Well, I  runfess that I haven’t signed up for ANY spring races! My interest level is just low and I can’t commit to a race. What’s wrong with me?!?!

Five: I runfess that bedtimes with kids is overrated.  I’m done with tantrums from the littlest. On the flip side, when your oldest quietly sneaks down to the basement just after bedtime to tell you her “somewhat loose tooth is now really loose”…you just smile and wiggle her tooth a little more and tell her she is awesome for coming to tell you. Tooth fairy will be arriving soon!


Any weekend plans?

Parents: love or dislike bedtime?

Runners: anyone else not signed up yet for a spring race?

Runfessions is hosted by Marcia on the last Friday of each month! If you missed my January Runfessions, check it out here. 

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Have a great weekend!