Amazing Run, Water Problems & Weekly Recap

Well, you know there is a saying out there …you don’t know what you’ll miss until you don’t have it? Or something like that. Well, on the weekend we lost our water – no water for a family of four!!!

Fun times were not had by all. Well, maybe for my girls. We are on a well, which we had the pump replaced 3 years and 1 day ago, when we lost our water. I had a bit of a freak out as I couldn’t find our warranty on the *new* pump that we invested so much in.. ha ha ha. It was 10:30pm Saturday night and you can’t sleep when shit hits the fan in your house…or when water stops dripping from the taps. I was so upset.

We spent Sunday running (literally) over to our amazing neighbour’s house to use her bathroom and filled up some jugs/bought some water. We figured rather then calling a plumber on the weekend, hello $$$$$, we’d call Monday morning. I’ll keep this short – problem fixed by lunch time today (still awaiting the bill, but it’s all good); a wire in our well had deteriorated along with an electrical box inside the house.

I was never so happy to see water coming from my taps and being able to flush the toilets! Having said that….I had a fantastic run Sunday night!

Weekly Workout Recap:

  • Monday: Bowling with the family.
  • Tuesday: Yoga class – felt so great!


  • Wednesday: Cycling for 40 minutes on my bike trainer – really loving this.
  • Thursday: Nothing.
  • Friday: Soccer game, we won. Thought I was going to lose my lungs!


  • Saturday: Nothing. We watched Hidden Figures – such a great movie!
  • Sunday: 7k treadmill run.

Oh this run was so great. Honestly, I didn’t even know if I’d get to shower after but I didn’t care. (Luckily, I did shower at my neighbours though). I jumped on the treadmill after an epic bath time for the girls at our neighbours that included ice cream! Yeah, the girls get spoiled by her 🙂

Sweaty selfie with my blank white board (no upcoming races).


I decided to catch up on a TV show while I ran. This run was just what I needed. I ran at a comfortable pace then kept increasing it over time. I hardly looked at my distance and just ran by how I was feeling.


Honestly, I wanted to keep running (so did my legs) but knew it was getting late and I didn’t want to lose my window of shower opportunity at my neighbours house. It was a great way to end a bit of a shitty weekend. Bonus of the weekend – my husband wasn’t working so we all got to hang out AND, we got to see our niece, Ava. (Oh and of course, my brother and SIL). And since it’s after 9 PM on Monday, I’m just going to go ahead, hit publish and let you enjoy this blog post at your leisure 😉

Ever lose water for a few days? Luxury camping or pain in the butt?

Do you have a neighbour that would let you use their bathroom all day long?

When’s the last time you had an amazing run?

Today, I’m joining super late, the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

8 thoughts on “Amazing Run, Water Problems & Weekly Recap

  1. Well I would die if I didn’t have a bathroom, as I pee constantly. When the power goes out at our lake house (also on a well, and everything else is electric), we lose just about everything, including toilet. On the plus side, we ARE sort of in the wilderness…. LOL
    YAY for an awesome run!

  2. Hooray for wonderful neighbors and the return of water! We have a well too (hello delicious water) and when the power goes out, it is a panic. So glad you got it fixed. And hooray for runs that clear our minds and make us feel better. On to a new week!

  3. oh boy, that’s quite an adventure with no water! I’m not sure I could have lasted a whole weekend; I might have packed up and crashed with a relative. Also, I LOVE the red pants in your yoga mat pic! 🙂

  4. no water loss, but electricity!! this summer we lost it for a full 10 hours and then the next day it was out again for 6!! I was very VERY upset. I’m glad it wasn’t water though because I do not want to have to go to my neighbor’s to use their bathroom… haha! it’s great you have neighbors you can count on for that kind of thing!

  5. Ugh, what an ordeal. Glad you had some nice neighbors. We had a water issue that backed up all our drains when I was pregnant. I couldn’t pee for 3 hours. That’s like a lifetime in pregnant lady time! Haha

  6. Ha I can relate to this, the last time we camped one of our girls put something down the drain and stopped it up. We couldn’t use the water or take showers, it was only a day but dang it was such an inconvenience. Thankfully the hubs is a super great handyman and he had us back up and running pun intended after he got off!

  7. I’m glad you are enjoying your bike trainer. Mine has really come in handy this Winter. It’s so much easier to just hop on after rolling out of bed than to get suited up and ready for an outdoor ride! What a nice neighbor you have! I’ve never lost water, but have lost electricity several times (once for 5 days) due to hurricanes pushing through. Ask me how many times I STILL flipped the light switch! LOL. Thanks for linking, Anna.

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