February Mileage & March Goals

Oh February, you were a month of little running, massive snow storms (3 in 7 days) and some adventures with our girls. My focus in February was to keep things simple which I feel I accomplish. I did have some smaller goals:

Run 50 km

Ba ha ha ha!!!! I was no where near 50 km and this is how I feel about it:

LOL image.jpg

I’m 100% fine with not running 50k and just laughing at myself. I was so desperate to get back to consistent running that I set a simple goal of 50k. I’m not sure when it happened but I just didn’t feel the need to meet my goal. The 23 km that I did run were great and I know I have many more months to get in my running miles.

Weekly Yoga or Barre class

I didn’t make it to any Barre classes but managed two yoga classes. One day when I got home from work I was taking my yoga mat out of my car and my oldest daughter said “yoga or barre class, Mom?” I laughed and said that I went to yoga class. I love that she interesting in what I’ve been up to.

Take advantage of the snow:

The plan was to  cross country ski, downhill skiing, snowshoe, skate and just play outside with my kids. We did manage to play outside a lot: downhill skiing with the girls one day, snowshoeing during our big dump of snow and skating at the Oval with the girls. No cross country skiing and time is limited with all the snow melting.

I also had 4 soccer games (speed work), cycling twice (for 40 minutes each) on my new trainer and went bowling with the family. My arm hurt for a few days after.


In a completely other area of my life – after having a lose tooth for two months, Lilly pulled out her tooth on National Tooth Fairy Day (Feb 28th)!!!!  She was SO determined to pull her tooth out the other night. There were a few tears, some laughter, a few “take my photo Mom” and pure happiness once it was out!


March Goals:

Okay March….we’re going to get a long just fine. I’m a little disappointed that mother nature has allowed for all the snow we got in February to melt away so I’m still hoping for a little more snow to come.

The plan this month is to:

  • Increase days per week of running.
  • Continue with soccer, yoga and barre.
  • Ski as many times as we can (hello melting snow).

My goals are pretty basic but something to work towards and maybe accomplish or not. I think once I get signed up for a race I’ll be more focused on running and following a training plan again.

How was your month of February? 

Do you have any goals for March?

Any fun weekend plans?


30 thoughts on “February Mileage & March Goals

  1. THAT emoji!! Haha.

    Yay for losing a tooth!! I used to “want” to pull my teeth but I could never do it. Gave me the heebie jeebies. And now when my son has loose teeth I get the heebies all over again. Lol!

  2. I’m hoping to take advantage of the snow too! We love to ski, but have not made it once this year!! My March goal is to get more sleep and follow my training schedule to a Tee!! 🙂

  3. Its tough to get in the mileage when there is snow! We had a mild Feb but now we are back to colder temps in March. Good job with the yoga classes!

  4. Despite the shortage of miles, you got in a variety of activities so kudos to you!
    Wow, I can’t imagine my daughter being brave enough to pull out her own tooth. She already lost two and expecting to loose a couple in a year or so.

  5. I think all that snow play is great cross training! You are just taking advantage of what Mother Nature brought you! 🙂

  6. February was meh. Didn’t run or workout quite as much as I would have liked, but it happens.

    March, I have a bunch of races, and hoping to fit in some more cross training. Fingers crossed we can make it happen.

    I can’t believe how much snow you all had!

  7. I had no idea that there was a National Tooth Fairy Day. How perfect is that! I love that you balance everything so well. Some months are meant for more runs than others. I find that once the snow goes away, everything is much easier to do.

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