Charge the Garmin!

Ever have that moment of “all I want to do is run” but then change your mind a few minutes later? That was me yesterday. I’ve barely put any mileage on my Garmin this year, in fact I’m pretty sure that I can count how many time’s I’ve run since January on one hand.

It’s not that I don’t want to run, it’s that I’ve been enjoying other sports with my family which was more important then trying to fit in a run. Skiing, snowshoeing and skating will be off the agenda soon enough. Maybe sometimes we just need to do “other” activities to enjoy the one we love so much.

Having said that, yesterday I really wanted to run but got home late for work with the girls. This meant that there was a late dinner, late bath and late getting the girls to bed. Not to mention my husband was home so we tried to have as many conversations about many things while we had time.

When bath time hit and my husband was with the girls, I found my Garmin and plugged it in. This was my way of convincing myself that I should really go for a run. If my Garmin was charged I had no excuses, right? We finished bathing the girls and got them into bed. We both spend time with each of girls talking about their day, singing songs etc. While I was with Hilary I decided that I didn’t want to run but then quickly changed my mind when I was with Lilly. I think laziness was setting in and I just wanted an excuse.

After saying goodnight to Lilly, I walked out and said to Saï…”I think I want to run” with lots of hesitation. He just said “yes, go now”. So I did. I jumped in my running tights, threw on my sports bra and strapped on my Garmin. However, I couldn’t find my running jacket and after searching the house it was on the drying rack. Good news: my Garmin was charge!


This time I was prepared with my Garmin charged and ready to go – no batteries dying on me My run started as the sun was just starting to go down but with my headlamp, reflective gear and sidewalks to run on, I was good to go. I ran out 3 km and ran back a slightly different way to finish with 5 k.

My pace is beyond slow but I don’t care. My reality is that I’m happy with just getting out for a run, avoiding injuries and at some point getting back into following a training plan for a race. What race is still to be determined!

If you don’t wear your Garmin, did your run even happen ?

What pushes you out the door when your lacking motivation?

Ever change your mind multiple times like me?




23 thoughts on “Charge the Garmin!

  1. Either Garmin or photos or it didn’t happen. 😉

    Good job getting out the door even though laziness was calling you back! I’m a morning running so there’s no hope for me for an evening run.

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation – especially after a long day. I try very hard to run in the morning so I can’t talk myself out of it! And no – no garmin – no run. 🙂 ha! LOL

  3. I am so addicted to my Garmin, but I’ve relied on running apps when my Garmin wasn’t charged. I think spring is in the air with makes me crave running more.

  4. I seldom use my Garmin unless it’s for a race (to see my splits when I’m done) or for a long run (to monitor my pace). I’m too much of a number gal…I’d OCD on the stats (as they’re happening) and wouldn’t enjoy the run if I had access to all that info LOL

  5. I have so been there! Sometimes I’m like “give yourself a break, lay down.” But if I can get my clothes changed and out the door I feel so much better. Also I find the mentality of “I get to run” rather than “I have to run” helps.

  6. If I’m training for a race, my training plan usually gets me out the door. Gotta make sure my mileage is checked off for the week. It is hard to get a run in especially at night so like many others, I try to get it done in the morning.

  7. Nice job getting out there. 🙂 I usually have a mileage goal every week and missing my goal makes me sad so I just go out and get it done. I have definitely missed goals though. It’s all a part of being human. 🙂

  8. I have two garmins , just in case . But I also have a habit of plugging mine in every night at bedtime. I dread beginning a lot of runs but I almost never feel that way once I get started. That’s def the hardest part. Way to ge yourself out there. No shame in enjoying other activities at times

  9. Way to get it done! Many times, I have been faced with my Garmin battery low…ugh! However, it is fun to run techno free too.

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