March Runfessions

March was the month that mother nature couldn’t deciding between winter or spring in Nova Scotia. The last 10 days or snow we have had 3 snow storms plus freezing rain.

March Runfessions

I runfess that I had no intentions of basically dropping running this month but it just sort of happened. The first part of the month I was just happy playing soccer, skiing with my girls, going to yoga and a little cycling. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to run, I did…but it just didn’t happen. I started to get a little running mojo during the second last week but then a car accident kinda sidelined me from everything. I’m fine but dealing with whiplash and it will take another 4-5 weeks to recover fully.

Worth missing running for this:


I runfess: It’s taken me three months to decide on a spring race. I’m thinking I just needed a break from running all the time to enjoy many other sports with my kids. Back to the race. I’m planning to go back and run the Johnny Miles Half marathon June 18th. This was my goal race last year and it was horrible. It wasn’t because I wasn’t ready, injured or didn’t like the event. It was more about the loss of our dog two days prior. Mentally I just wasn’t in it and after 5k I wanted to quit.  It’s okay, I finished it, cried then took a few weeks to sulk about it. Needless to say, I’m ready to run it again. Oh, that feels good to say!

Throw back to last year at Johnny:

johnny miles half marahon done

I runfess that I am proud of my daughters.  I’ve LOVED skiing with my girls this winter but wished my husband could have joined us as well. I was blown away when our youngest, Hilary just started skiing by herself and also went to the top of the big hill. Lilly improved so much and is skiing more on the big hill (vs bunny hill). I’m proud of their confidence, their love for the sport and their ability to ski all day! I’m still trying to figure out how they can’t be tired after a full day of skiing but I can! I love that they are trusting themselves to do hard things.



I runfess that I often can’t find all my running gear….because I tend to leave it all over the house. (My husband is nodding as he’s reading this I bet!). My sneakers are always in our mud room but my jacket, hat and gloves can be anywhere. I often misplace my Night Runner 270 lights , Garmin and Road ID. My only runs this month were outside as the sun was setting and I missed not wearing the Night Runner 270 lights.

Good news – I’ve found them but just have to wait to be able to run outside again to use them. As a working mom, sometimes my only opportunity to run is at night and I prefer to be seen by drivers. Speaking of Night Runner lights – they have been hard at work designing the new Night Runner Pro lights that cover more surface area, are brighter, last longer and connect to your phone via Bluetooth to provide visual performance feedback!

Night Runner Pro Image 1

I runfess – I want a pair of these! The are hosting a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce the new lights. Check it out, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

runfess that I’m ever so excited to see how the Barkley Marathon goes, particularly Gary Robbins. I watched the movie last year and want to watch it again. I find watching movies like that and Finding Tracking (Nikki Kimball) are rather inspiring and motivating! If you haven’t see them yet – put them on your list to watch ASAP!

I’ve also watched Patriots Day recently and held it together until the end when they started interviewing those whom where injured. Other running movies I’ve enjoyed: 4 Minute Mile, McFarland USA and Saint Ralph.

That’s it…those are my runfessions for March. I’ll be sharing my monthly mileage soon.

Any runfessions to share for March?

Who’s into the Barkley Marathon? 

Do you have a favourite running related movie?

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36 thoughts on “March Runfessions

  1. I have been struggling getting my runs in as well since my marathon in the middle of the month. I guess I should be able to have a small pass right? I still teach my group fitness classes during the run. I haven’t gone skiing in years. I used to go all the time now I am afraid of hurting myself and I will be out from running so I have stayed away from it! Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you recover well and can get back doing a few runs!

  2. Loved both of those documentaries! Nikki is so cool. I loved watching her shove food in her mouth (ben and jerrys and eggs lol) and breakdown and then rebound and of course, talk about the role of depression and how she pushes through because that was even darker.

  3. Those lights look like a great idea. How is the neck feeling these days – hope you are getting some relief and improvement. My favorite running related movie is Chariots of Fire! Mmmm. Maybe it is the music. Always gets me going!

  4. Ooooh! I really want to see patriots day! I think it’s great you’re going to do that same race again! A little redemption. Don’t beat yourself up though. I lost my dog on June too and it was horrible.

  5. Mad props to your girls for taking to skiing the way they have and to YOU for teaching them! That’s a skill and passion they’ll have forever. OMG is it Barkley marathon time? That movie was fascinating! I need to see the next one. Thanks for linking!

  6. It’s great to start your kids skiing so young! My boys started when they were young and still love it.

    It’s great that you’re taking on that race again. We lost our dog last June and it was awful – I can totally understand not having your head in the race.

  7. I love seeing your kids skiing pics! I learned to ski as a kid and I do treasure the memories and the ability now! I try to keep my running gear in certain spots but I still don’t know where I lost my favorite headlamp.

  8. have you seen Spirit of the Marathon? I have not seen the sequel, but the first one was excellent! It chronicles a bunch of runners training to run Chicago (including Deena Kaster, who is injured at the time). I saw that when I was trainaing for my second marathon (in 2014), and had to watch it twice LOL

  9. All your family skiing adventures looked like so much fun! I wish I had had the opportunity to learn when I was young and fearless! You can more more when it warms up!

  10. You have made some wonderful memories skiing with your two daughters! We are now on spring break and I’m mostly hoping to rest. No beach trip this year. The weather here has been crazy too and I live way down south from you. It seems like the common trend for this year! Hope you have a great week!

  11. I like these runfessions! I’m def into the Barkley Marathon. Jamil Coury is a popular local ultra marathoner here who attempted it for the 2nd time this weekend. He made it 3 loops!

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