Planned vs Reailty Workouts Wrap Up

Sometimes you have a planned workout and it happens with no problems. Sometimes you plan a workout and nothing goes right and your workout changes or doesn’t happen at all.  It’s life!

When I train for races, I try to share my “what was planned” vs “what really happened” because as a working mom of two young children, with a house to run, husband that works shift work and random life moments that POP out of now where – workouts can change.

Though I still need to actually register for Johnny Miles Half, this was technically but 2nd week of “training”. I say that loosely as I haven’t done much training but more getting back to running and other workouts.

What was Planned VS What Really Happened

Monday:  Rest Day | Physiotherapy. I had electrical stimulation with heat and laser on my back.

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga.  I went to my first yoga class in a month and was just what I needed. My back stretch, cracked and popped in places that just needed that. I did take it really easy and didn’t get to do all the fun poses that I like to do. Slow and steady wins the race!


Wednesday: Easy run | 3k Treadmill Run. That’s it? Well yes, that’s all I was allowed. When you are permitted to run, but only a certain distance – you listen and follow instructions. I walked for 1k and then ran 3k. I’ll be completely honest, though the run was awesome my legs were dying…DYING during that first kilometre.


Thursday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I figured I’d take it easy just to allow my body to sink into the affects of Wednesday’s run.

Friday:  Physiotherapy | Physiotherapy. It was the same as Monday – at this point my back was really starting to feel better.

Saturday: RunRest Day. I had planned to run on Saturday in the afternoon but life just happens. My husband had a 2 hour ride in his training (cycling) and did that first thing in the morning. I was going to run after that but it was just one thing after the other. I was all ready to go for a run just before dinner but yet again, life took over and had to be dealt with. I took that evening just to rest and try to get over a head cold I picked up a few days prior. Sadly, no run.

Sunday: 5k | 5k. First off, I woke up to my kids and husband doing morning yoga in the basement together! No photo’s were taken, though I was dying to snap one. Second, the girls had swimming lessons at 9:45. Once we got home from that I went out for for a run.


My plan was to stay as close to home in case my back started bothering me but I was fine. It was a slow and steady run with an average of: 6:26/km but managed 6:06 on my last kilometre. I felt great during my run and after which was a relief as I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.

Total KM this week: 8km  Not much, but any running is good running right now.

How often to you plan a run/workout only to change it up?

How was your weekend?

Did anyone else enjoy some spring like weather?

Since it’s Monday, I’m joining the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.