Half Marathon Training Week #5 Wrap Up

Since I officially registered for my half marathon last week I figure my weekly wrap up will slide right into my training recaps.

Last week I finally hit the registration button for the Johnny Miles Half Marathon on June 18th. If you are new to the blog, I ran this last year but it went horrible wrong when my dog died at home two days prior to the race. My training was on point for a decent race but once I lined up and started running I wanted to quit by 5k. Long story short, I almost had a personal worst and to be even more honest – I don’t know my exact time but it was over 2 h 30 minutes.

Having said that, I’m not setting large expectations on this half marathon. The event itself is great but my goals for the race are to run it better then last year and enjoy it. It’s a double loop and relatively flat course with some long inclines along the road, crusher dust trail and great community involvement (sprinklers and extra hydration stations).


Race: Johnny Miles Event Weekend – Half Marathon (Full, Half, 10k, 5k/kids event)

Where: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Who is Johnny Miles? Well, he’s a Nova Scotian runner that won Boston Marathon in 1926 and 1929. Yes, ages ago but his story is pretty awesome.

Number of runners: Roughly 3,000 (I think – don’t quote me).

My Johnny Miles Half Marathon 2016 recap can be found here

Training Week #5

What was Planned vs What Really Happened

Monday: Cross Train | Cycling 20k. I challenged myself to see if I could get in 45-50 minutes and then decided I wanted to make it to 20k, so I kept going. My legs were like jello after that workout!


Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga.  I went to my lunch time yoga class and it was everything I needed. My back is responded really well to yoga so I’m trying really hard to get to this class as well as 5-10 minutes of stretching/yoga each day.

Wednesday: Run | 7k Treadmill run. I glance briefly at my half made up half old training plan and realized that my mid week runs needed to increase in distance so I went for 7k and it was pretty good.

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Thusday:  5k Run | Rest Day. I wimped out and took a rest day.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I kinda wanted to work out but I took the girls to the city for the night so I could have a little break. You see my husband worked M/T/W/F/S/S this week which was 1 day extra and I’ll be completely honest here – I knew that I’d need a little break from my girls to survive the weekend with them. It may sound horrible or selfish or terrible but I’ve come to know my limits and I’ve come to know when I need a little help from my friends and family.

Saturday: 12k Long Run | 12k Treadmill run!!!! I’ll break it down for ya. Saturday morning was going to be spent running errands (without kids) and then the afternoon was going to be my long run. It’s not quiet how it went down but I did get my run in.

I desperately needed new work clothing so I literally spent 3 hours shopping and it was horrible and great. My first purchase was for my daughters – go figure, right! I manged to find some great outfits (shirts, blazer, pants) and even ate out for lunch – by myself! I dropped by to visit my Aunt and Uncle and spent a little more time there then I expected but it didn’t really bother me. My run would happen later in the evening or I’d move it to Sunday.

I eventually made it back to my parents house, had dinner and packed up the girls to head home – it’s an hour’s drive. They brushed their teeth and had their pj’s on as it was straight to bed when we got home. It took about 45 minutes for them to settle down and fall asleep so I jumped on my treadmill at 7:50 PM – YUP!!!

I figured I was either crazy or stupid for attempting to run after such a long day but I didn’t want a third day to be a rest day. So, I plugged away at the 12k. I watched Chicago Med, polished off a bottle of lemon lime Nuun, 2 fruit-to-go bars and a larger bottle of water. After C.Med ended, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy.


I ran at a slow but steady pace. It was comfortable at times and then I’d speed it up. I took a few walk breaks, food/water breaks and then at 11.6k in I heard Hilary crying upstairs. I paused my treadmill and ran up the stairs. HAVE YOU EVER RUN UP STAIRS AFTER 11 KILOMETRES???? Wobbly legs 100%.

She was crying on the toilet for who know’s what reason. So I cleaned her up, washed her face and hands and got her back in bed. “Love you Mama” she said as I left her room, “love you too sweetheart”, I replied back. Oh…some Mama moments are the best.

I ran back down the stairs with slightly less wobbly legs and finished off the last .40 of the last kilometre. And just like that it was done! I stretched, showered, put on a clean pair of Tiux compression socks – actually the red endurance socks and laid on my bed with heat on my back.

I eventually fell asleep but woke up when my husband got home after he finished his shift (he’s a Paramedic). Not 5 minutes later Hilary was up and in our bed upset about something else! She slept between us for a while….well, let’s be honest, it was more like she had her own personal boxing match between the two of us. Hand jab to my back here, foot kick to my leg here, who know’s what she did to my husband. We put her back in her bed and both finally got to sleep.

Sometimes I wonder how we parents function on NO sleep!

Total mileage for this week: 19 km running, 20 km cycling, 1 yoga class.

Last year’s training at this stage in the training plan can be found here. Not a bad week of training. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see my mileage a little higher at this point but with one missed 5k and some good cross training this week, I’m find with how it my training this week went.

How was your week?

Have you ever gone back to a race for redemption? 

Does your Province or State have an event similar (after a Boston Marathon winner) event?

I’m joining the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.


19 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #5 Wrap Up

  1. I am so happy for you that you are doing this race! So exciting. I dread and love shopping for clothes. I am not patient and now I end up just buying stuff for my daughter. I totally get that now! As for sleeping with kids, there is NO sleep. I love the ideas of snuggles. But that really is just a dream.

  2. It’s so hard to train for a long distance event when you’re raising little ones!

    I did go back to the Chicago Marathon, 3 years later, for a redemption run. And yes, I showed myself that I can and I will!

  3. I think you had an awesome week of training considering everything!

    My second half marathon that I ran in 2014 was horrible, I actually cried on the course, lol. I went back the next year and crushed it (30 min PR). There is something to be said about redemption!

  4. I avoid running up stairs, period, much less after running! Way to fit in everything with your crazy life! Also… sometimes, you just need to cry on a toilet ;D

  5. Great job on fitting in so many things! I think 3000 people at a race is nice… I don’t care for huge events. I recall New Glasgow being such a pretty place!

  6. Redemption run? I”m headed back to Duluth, MN for a sort of redemption run at Grandma’s Marathon in June. Physically, the first time (2015) went well. but I had some major tummy issues and had to stop at every porta-pot from miles 14-20), and that gave me a less-than-desirable finish time LOL So, I aa hoping for a faster finish time (and ZERO stops) along the route 😉

  7. Aw I’m so sorry your dog passed aaah before your race last year. I hope this year it will go smoothly for you!! I have not been sleeping well due to the severe weather we have been having. I RUNfess I took a 2 hour nap today while the kids were at school. Hubby is out of town and all 3 have to go to work with me lol. Luckily my fitness class is only 30 minutes!

  8. I think that is great that you get training done at all with little ones still at home! Very impressive ! and a little me/mom time to yourself goes a long way, no reason to feel bad! Have a great week!

  9. It sounds like you had a really great week! Thats awesome that you were able to get in your 12k in the evening. I never run later than like 9am. Sometimes I think if I had a treadmill I may be more likely to run later in the day, but I doubt it!

  10. Oh man. I know how that goes with random crying children. Why do they do that?! It’s so frightening!!!

    Great week of workouts. Looks like you’re doing an excellent job!

  11. I had to laugh at your daughter in your bed! I really hate sleeping with my children. Oh wait… you don’t sleep!! Lol! Grearcgrear job accomplishing the 12k so late! And your amazing pup will be with you at your finish line this year! Stay strings it’s so so hard! I remember when you mist your dig as I lost mine the 20tg of June. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year!

  12. Oh goodness, I don’t know how you mamas do it. Running and taking care of children? You go girl! 🙂 I hope you redeem yourself at that race. Just signing up for again means you’re ready. 🙂 Good luck!

  13. well done this week! I ran the Paris marathon the 2nd time for “revenche” but sadly I wasn’t able to beat the time from the year before. I thought for my first marathon I could get under 5 hours but I ran with a friend who was also running the marathon for the first time and she had some issues. I do not regret staying with her until 30KM but all the stopping to walk and Dixie stops really wrecked my time. I thought if I could just run it, I could do it under 5 the next year. The 2nd year my neuroma in my foot was almost at it’s maximum point so the pain really kept me from redemption (I had it operated on a month later). I will definitely go back again to conquer the course, I just don’t know yet when.
    I hope you have a good race! as far as I know we don’t have any race for any Boston winner here in the Netherlands.

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