April Mileage and May Goals

Well, we sure are rocking along the months this year! It’s already May which makes me happy to think of warmer weather coming, lots of sunshine and trees/flowers blooming again and more outdoor running! I’m loving all the vibrant colours that are peaking out in the last week!

April Goals

Normal life (no accidents, no injuries): Success! I’m still dealing with my back injury from the accident but it IS getting better as I get stronger. However, it’s going to take a while…and by a while I’m thinking months to really get over this whiplash (maybe longer).

Start training for Johnny Miles Half: I finally registered and have been following a vague training plan and increasing my weekly mileage!

Daily yoga and foam rolling: I want to say I totally failed at this one. I really need to foam roll my glutes more as the pain in my back goes right down to my glutes and pulls on my back muscles. I’ve been stretching my back out daily but definitely not yoga every day.

Run with my daughters (and husband once his knee is better): Nope! However, we have been out biking together and cleaned up a garbage on our local trail on earth day.

Dust off my journal: Nope. Just didn’t do it.

Mileage for April: 


Though my mileage might seem low to some people, this is the most I’ve run this year! With other sports taking over January to March and then a car accident that stopped all activity for a bit…April was a great mileage month for me.

55 km Running, 43 km cycling on my indoor trainer and attended 3 yoga classes. No complaints here. I didn’t bother counting my PT appointments but to be honest there were 8….EIGHT in April!

May Goals

What do I want to do in May? I’ve thought about a daily challenge but we’re already a few days in so it would have to be a “most of the month challenge”. I still want to keep my goals simple like last month so I figure 5 would be enough.

  • Run more outside + Runches.
  • Add in more strength training to my half marathon training plan.
  • Continue with my PT exercises for my back, ankle and hamstring.
  • Go outside more with the girls (running, biking, hiking etc.)
  • Start Bullet Journaling since I’ve put it off for months.
  • Bonus: Clean up my house (so many piles of “stuff” lying around everywhere!)

There you have it! Happy Friday folks…enjoy the weekend! We are in for a WET weekend which might mean I take my long run of 14 km to the treadmill…yikes! This might be the most I’ve done on a treadmill or close to it!

Ever run 14 km (8 miles) on a treadmill?

Did you achieve your April goals?

Have you set any May goals or not bother?

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