Rest & Run Weekly Wrap Up

Happy (late) Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there! Hope you all were spoiled yesterday!

Last weeks workout’s were all over the place but I feel good about getting in what I could. It was a bit of running and a bit more resting last week. The beginning of the week took me to Halifax for three days for a course that was non stop. I brought all my workout clothing with the expectation of going for a morning run, hitting up the gym or maybe even a yoga class. However, I did none of that.

Also, I’ll be honest….I’m kinda behind in my training plan and not really following it so well. I really need to get refocused on where I am and what week I should be at. I know, sounds kinda silly to be so aloof about a training plan but that’s kinda how I’ve been feeling about running these last few months.

What was Planned VS What Really Happened.

Monday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I don’t even want to say I nailed this as I sat WAY to much during the first day of my course. Blah!

Tuesday: Yoga | Hotel workout. I went out for dinner, enjoyed some wine and then decided that I just wanted to relax on my King size bed (with no kids) and watch the hockey game. During the game I felt guilty for not getting in a workout (other then walking a lot in the day), so I did a short hotel workout. Everything from squats, triceps dips, plank and a series of all my PT exercises for my back, hamstrings and ankles.

Wednesday: 7k Run | 5k Run.  On the last day of my course, I was tempted to hit up the gym on my way home. I took a quick trip to Costco and then picked up dinner at Mezza for my husband and just kept driving home. I just wanted to see my girls before bed time. However, I also really wanted to run. Once they went to bed, I went for a quick 5k (30:46) and enjoyed a late night dinner with my husband.

This run was great. I finally felt like I was gliding up some hills with little effort and not feeling “out of shape”. Bit of a confidence booster run!


Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. Too exhausted to do anything.

Friday: Rest Day | 13k Cycling. I got on my indoor trainer and peddled out 13k in just under 40 minutes. My legs just wanted to move but I wasn’t wanting to run on the treadmill (husband working), so I cycled.

Saturday: 10k Race | 10k Treadmill Run. Since I got a new Forerunner 230 Garmin for Mother’s Day, I decided to test it out! I’ve been eyeing it for months now but my husband beat me to the purchase line and the girls surprised me mid week with it.



With my husband working all weekend, the girls and I had a busy weekend ahead of us. Saturday was a mix of a play date in the morning for Lilly and me running errands with Hilary. The afternoon was another play date for all of us which is always fun to hang out with my friend and her daughter, who is friends with both my girls.

Saturday night (whoop whoop), I jumped on the treadmill at 8pm and pounded out 10k. It was an interesting run watching my Garmin do it’s thing and the treadmill do it’s thing – they never matched up but I ran 10k in the end. It felt like the quickest 10k treadmill run ever!!! I almost couldn’t believe I was done!

I did make a rookie mistake and forgot to stop my Garmin at the end!

Sunday: Cross Train | Rest Day. Exhaustion hit me hard.

The girls had swimming lessons first thing and then I took them out to Brigadoon Village (a Camp for kids with chronicle illnesses) for their Mother’s Day brunch. My parents, brother, SIL, her parents and brother and my Aunt and Uncle joined us. We ate some amazing food and got to try archery, hiked around and climbed on a bunch of massive rocks.


By the time we got home, I was so exhausted I fell asleep on a chair while the girls played near by. Lilly covered me over in a blanket so I would be warm – she’s such a sweet girl. I wanted to get on my indoor trainer Sunday night but decided I needed a super early to bed night. My body is craving sleep.


I wish I had half their energy!

Total mileage this week: 15k running, 13k cycling.

How I’m feeling about my training? Well, I feel pretty good. I’m feeling more confident with my running and able to push myself a little more with my pace. I’m also feeling good about pushing forward up long hills which sometimes kills me. I feel like I need to get my training plan focused a little more and plan out my training to balance with my work life and home life. Fun times being a mother runner!

I haven’t been writing very often here but you can always find me over on Instagram.

How was your week or weekend?

Did you do anything for mother’s day?

Do you always feel focused on a training plan or aloof like me lately?

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