May Runfessions

Somehow it’s the last Friday in May….to me, it just appeared out of nowhere. I don’t think I’m quite ready for it to be June. The month of June brings my oldest turning 7, I run my 5th half marathon, school finishes AND summer begins!


I’ll runfess that getting back to my lunch time running (aka RUNCH) was really, REALLY nice! There are so many reasons why I love to run at lunch but mostly, it frees up my evening when I’d normally work out. I may be a sweaty mess at work afterwards (don’t worry, I clean myself up) but I also love the bonus of feeling energized for the afternoon.


runfess that I love running with my husband! It’s not that often when we get to run together so when we do, I love it. We talk about everything and nothing, we run in silence, we laugh at stuff and sometimes we pick up our pace to see if the other one is paying attention (and will keep up). But mostly, I love that we share the same passions.

runfess that I’ve written a blog post about how I feel like a running failure and doubting my running ability but haven’t published it yet. About a year ago I was doing my thing, training for my goal half marathon which went out the door before it started. I was wearing my Nuun hat & shirt but felt like I totally didn’t even represent what they are all about. I know, super silly of me because taking the time to look back (writing the blog post), I know that I was representing what they are all about – active lifestyles. Though I didn’t finish anywhere close to my goal time, I finished! I’m sure we all have negative feelings sometimes about running or life stuff so, don’t worry about me runfessing this…it’s just a moment I wanted to share.

johnny miles half marahon done

runfess that I’m starting to feel excited about my upcoming half marathon in three weeks! Though it’s father’s day when I run, I’m looking forward to *hopefully* having a redemption run and FUN running 21.1. It will be a exactly a year since I’ve run that distance and felt like a failure (runfession from above). Though I still have some long runs ahead of me, I’m feeling pretty good.

runfess that I have no desire to register for any races (to date) but am totally scoping out ALL THE RACES. There are so many around but most of them are during weekends when my husband works, so I have to find someone to watch my girls. Don’t get me wrong, there are family members that would take them in a heart beat but I just haven’t committed to anything else. I’m just not registration-trigger happy yet and that’s okay. When I find the next race I want to sign up, I’ll do it.

That’s all I’m runfessing today. We’re in for a wet and rainy weekend but I’m looking forward to squeezing in my long run at some point!

Have any runfessions this month?

Ever doubt your running ability?

Who do you love to run with?

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Have a great weekend!

33 thoughts on “May Runfessions

  1. Anna, we should try and attend a race together this year. I also haven’t registered for anything yet, and I too would need to find childcare as Geoffrey will be also working away. We could make a day out of it, I’d love to catch up with you and talk in adult fashion without the kids. I’m open to the distance too, even a 5km and lunch date…. enjoy your long run, were heading to Keji for a couple nights.

  2. Oh yes, we all have moments (and runs & races LOL) that leave us wondering what we’re doing in running shoes. Fortunately, eventually, we all get confirmation that we’re not posers LOL I don’t have anything “paid for” over the summer (other than the marathon), but I know how I am….I will not be staying home LOL

  3. Kudos to you for getting back in the habit of Runch! There’s so much to be said for an energized afternoon. They backed off of some but not all of the rain in the forecast here this weekend. Sure wish it’d warm up already. Thank for linking!

  4. My husband works Thursday-Saturday so it is hard to race a lot. We own a restaurant and he and his dad run it together. We don’t get to do the fun things other families do on weekends but he is here Sunday-Wednesday which is great. I have been scoping out all the races too for fun! Best of luck at your half marathon in three weeks!

  5. Funny that you say that about Nuun–that’s how I feel about Tailwind. Their other Trailblazers are out there running 100 milers and I’m over here barely running a half….

  6. Best of luck to you on your half! I don’t run (once upon a time, I did, but after my running buddy and I both had to move to different time zones, we both kinda just stopped :[ ), but am having that issue with finding free weekends that coincide with powerlifting meets (sigh)! I hope you find one that you really like that works with your schedule!

  7. I’m glad you get to run at lunch, sounds like a great flexible job in a good location! And nice that you also got to run with your husband. I also usually work out separately from my husband. It is really good to get those times together. I’m sure the vast majority of that brand’s customers are more like you than like the elites, which makes you a perfect brand representative.

  8. Mid-day exercise doesn’t work for me — I have a hard time settling back into my work. I have one BRF but we haven’t run together in ages.

  9. How fun you get to share runs with your husbands. Mine is NOT a runner now, but was in his younger days. I think we all struggle with how our running feels. Like everything — I think it has seasons. I’m in a not-so-good season right now and am hoping that will turn around soon.

  10. I think it is sweet you like to run with the hubby! Mine won’t run at all 😦 most of the time I have a hard time getting him out for even a walk, so I am jealous!

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