Half Marathon Training Week 9 Wrap Up

Half marathon training is moving along, hard to believe week 9 is done. I’m kinda loving the fact that June is in a few days and hopefully some more consistent warmer weather for us!

Last week wasn’t the best and at times I felt like I wasn’t progressing with my pace. At the same time I don’t want to put all kinds of pressure on me to complete my 5th half marathon in a certain time. I just want to run it and enjoy it…okay, and finish better then last year.

My pace is way off for me and I’m finding that hard to accept but your pace can’t change over night. In 2014, I ran A LOT!!!! And my pace got really good (for me) but with so many injuries in the last few years, my pace has gone out the door. What I need to remind myself is that I’m just lucky to be running at any pace and not injured anymore.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Rest Day | Cycling 17km. I’m really loving adding in a day of cycling to my half marathon training. I’m hoping that it will help reduce some injuries yet keep my legs active.

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga. Still loving my Tuesday yoga class.

Wednesday: 8k | SLEEP. I just needed sleep and nothing else after a few sleepless nights.

Thursday: 5k | 8k. Somehow, I managed to get in 8k after a full day of work. My husband was home so I went for an evening run and it was a hard one but I got it done.


Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I woke up with a nasty head cold – just not my week! I was pretty run down from lack of sleep and trying to do it all…I guess.

Saturday: 10k Race | Rest Day. Still was feeling horrible and spent the afternoon at a parade in the cold. When we got home, I made hot chocolate, put a fire on (yes, May 27th I had a fire in my woodstove!!) and did nothing that night.

Sunday: Cross Train | 10k. No racing. Ha, the thought of “racing” a 10k right now isn’t pleasant. Actually, let me rephrase that – I’m not “racing” anything. I’m simply running the distance in whatever pace I can manage these days. No “racing”.

This long run (cut back week in my plan) was kinda last minute in between swimming lessons for the girls and my husband leaving for work. I was cranky, still sick and was encouraged out the door….so I went.


It was an ugly run. There really wasn’t anything pretty about it. I’m confident it was the head cold, not enough food, warmer weather and just being in a cranky mood that didn’t help. BUT, I got it done and for that I’m happy.

Sometimes you can’t have a great week of training. Life happens and you have to readjust your training and take care of yourself. That was me last week and so far this week too.

Weekly mileage: 18 km running, 17 km cycling.

Last year’s week nine was a great training week, you can read it here.

How was your week?

Anyone else wishing the weather was warming up?

Do you worry about your pace?



12 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 9 Wrap Up

  1. I don’t worry about my pace because whenever I “race” my pace is always faster , most times by 45 sec or more, the chearing, music, adrenaline it all pushes us to just enjoy the moment and most times that means speed we didn’t know we had.

    • Since I injured my hammy in late 2014, my pace doesn’t change from a training run to a race….it’s all the same now. It’s kind of blah and boring, I’m sure some day I’ll get back there.

      • It will come in time. Pace and time should not be the only measures of success, consistency and effort are important too and you seem like you getting back to your ‘normal’. Happy for you. If only my training runs were the same pace as my ‘races’ I’d be super happy, but they are no where near.

  2. I’ve been feeling similar emotions as you in regards to knowing I was at a faster pace awhile ago. But I have to remind myself that every training cycle is different and I can’t realistically be at the same fitness level all of the time. I’ve let my body rest after my tough marathon in NYC and my PR marathon in Phoenix and now in a sense, have to start over.

  3. Something that I have found is that I need to do speed work to get faster and then my pace changes. I add it into my running schedule every Wednesday when I met my run group.

    If you are able to start incorporating speedwork and hill training into your running schedule you may find that helps you. It’s pushing you’re body outside it’s comfort zone.

    Your long runs should be at a slower pace than your race pace. I see you say they are the same right now but as you said as well, you are just getting back from injury. Give yourself time and patience.

    And as for the weather, I would love it to be nicer but I find I’m just going to have to make do since I can’t change it. 😊

    Take care Anna.

    • Such great advice Kyla, thanks. I haven’t been doing any speed work and that’s my own fault. I think I needed to be reminded of that and it totally makes sense. I need to change my mind set right now since I haven’t done any speed work and that should help for my upcoming half. Coming back after injuries sure is hard on your head!!

      • Happy to help. Start out slow Anna and don’t go too fast. That can bring on injury.

        So, even just increase you pace now in speed work but say 15-20 seconds and then build. Have a good warm up before you start for about 15 minutes and go from there. Don’t feel you need to do 4 or 5 right away but even start with 2-3 quick 1k repeats or even do a quick track workout of 400m repeats.

        Oh or you could find telephone poles and run fast for 3 and then slow for two and repeat. So many options.

        I was the same way with the gym. Why couldn’t I lift the same weights I was lifting before I took 2 or 3 years off? It takes take and effort but anything you want you can do.

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