Half Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

Sometimes training seems to take forever when training over 12 weeks (or more) and then sometimes race week creeps up all of a sudden! I’m feeling a little shocked that I’m in 10 weeks out of 12 already but also happy to be wear I am.

10 weeks ago, I wasn’t even running as I had just got in a car accident. 10 weeks ago, I was in a lot of back pain because of that accident. 10 weeks ago, I hadn’t even decided what spring race I wanted to do! And here I am running 19k this past weekend.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Cycling | Rest Day. I slept for 4 hours Monday afternoon because of my head cold. Then slept 6.5 hours that night. (Listen to your body!)

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga + Osteopath – which required 2 days of absolutely no activity.

Wednesday: 8k | Rest Day. Had great results on my back from the Osteo appointment.

Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. I was eager to be active but had to rest – that was hard.

Friday: Rest day | Rest Day – nailed it!

Saturday: 18k | 19k. A hard run.

Sunday: Soccer Game | Rest Day. Just not feeling well.


What I learned from my run:

One – Mosquitoes can bite through compression socks.

Two – I stopped 20 times on that run….TWENTY! Thank you Garmin connect for letting me see that on my profile and Thank you to my running buddy for putting up with me.

Three – Running with a friend is way better then running alone.

Four – Running your hills at the beginning is a great way to get them over and done with.

Five – Ending your run with 1 more hill that you’ve come to love over time makes you feel accomplished. (Even despite the 20 stops you had to take).

Six – I can’t run and talk, especially when I still have a head cold. Results in stopping lots.

Seven – My pace sucks for me and that’s okay. Training for my 5th half marathon isn’t about a PB. Remember, I wasn’t running 10 weeks ago.

Eight – Being reminded by a running friend that speed work during training will make your pace improve was just what I needed to hear (thank you).

Nine – Coming home to my daughters and husband is still one of my favourite parts of my long run.

Ten – Though running is REALLY hard for me right now, I still love to run.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race or have a long run?

What have you learned lately on your most recent run? 

I’m linking up today with HoHo Runs, MissSippiPiddlin and Tutus and Tennies. Don’t forget to check out their blogs!


Happy Monday!

23 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

  1. You’ve rocked your comeback since the car accident! Amazing how quickly 10 weeks slide by. I’m still breathing a sigh of relief after my tri 2 weeks ago. ha! This weekend’s long run reminded me just how much heat/humidity suck the life out of me. Blech!

  2. It always amazes me how fast time flies by!! So happy that you have been able to get back to your running! You definitely have been someone I look up to as I start my own journey to the half – watching your mileage build is so exciting! Hope you have a super week!!

  3. That’s good to know about mosquitoes – I never knew that! They are really annoying little buggers!

    Sometimes I don’t know how many breaks I take during training runs, but my Garmin also lets me know, lol. Having that information has actually helped me to not stop as much during my training runs!

  4. You have come so far since your accident! I hope you feel better very soon. I did see on TV that the mosquitoes in NS are very bad this year. YUK!

  5. My most recent run was a 5-miler this morning (after a very late night at the U2 concert), and it proved to me that my body is still recovering from my 13.1 on Saturday LOL Isn’t that life?

  6. I feel you. Running has changed for me since my diagnosis with RA! Now my motto is “finishing is winning”. You did it, and that’s all that counts right now. Be patient with yourself.

  7. Are you feeling better? I think you are doing great considering. I am just starting over and understand the stopping. It sucks. But you are doing great!

  8. Aw, head colds stink. I hope you’re feeling better.

    I love to run but it can certainly be harder at some times than others. I did a 5K race on Memorial Day that was brutal and I’m getting for another 5K on Saturday night (boo to night races).

    You had a great week despite your setbacks!

  9. I cant run and talk either! My mom can run a marathon with my and be talking the whole time, and I’m like look you can talk to me, but just know that I will not respond much lol. Doesnt matter how slow I’m going!

  10. Well done on completing the greater part of the plans you had set out. It takes a lot of self motivation to get up and go for a run.

    I have a winter challenge I created a few days ago and that’s definitely keeping me on my toes. Day 8 already and I can’t believe I have managed to keep running, the most I have ever ran is 7 straight days. You should check out the link when you have time.


    What I loved about your post is that I have officially been inspired to work on running that half marathon I keep postponing. I will start on it soon after winter and make sure I end the year with a bang!

    This was a lovely post, have a lovely day ahead 🙂

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