May Mileage & June Goals

Happy Global/National Running Day!

Are you getting out for a run today? On your own, with a friend or group? I’m looking forward to running tonight with my running buddy. I haven’t been blogging much lately and I’m behind on sharing my May mileage/June Goals. I figured today would be a good day to share them.

global run day

May Mileage:

No doubt, May was a great month of increased mileage. It helps when you have long runs to do!


May Goals:

Okay, I’ll be honest – I wrote my May goals and never looked back at them until drafting this post! I have such great intentions but don’t always use my own resources to keep me on track. Having said that, I do try to make my goals realistic and things that I want to work on anyway – nothing new or outrageous. There were:

  • Run more outside + Runches – Did this.
  • Add in more strength training to my half marathon training plan – a little bit but not really.
  • Continue with my PT exercises for my back, ankle and hamstring – Yes.
  • Go outside more with the girls (running, biking, hiking etc.) – I think so but wish I had more time to do this.
  • Start Bullet Journaling since I’ve put it off for months – Nope. Thought about it.
  • Bonus: Clean up my house (so many piles of “stuff” lying around everywhere!)  – I started this, so yes.

Having gone through my list I didn’t really miss anything. I’ve thought about starting my bullet journal many times in May but just never sat down to actually do it. I clean randomly when I have time…ha ha, what mother has time to deep clean!!!! This is going slow. Moving on….

June Goals:

  • Relax about my running pace.
  • Decrease social media time (gasp!!!).
  • Figure out our summer holidays (book hotels/cottage etc.)
  • Set up 1 page in my bullet journal to track “x” daily.
  • Enjoy my upcoming half marathon.
  • Check in at least once a week on these goals. *Yeah, this should be a good one.

That’s it. Now, let’s if I can stick to all of this. June is a busy month for our family. Lilly turns 7, I run my half marathon on Father’s Day – yeah planned that one well. Both girls and I start back up in soccer (5 days/week), work is busy, school ends on June 30th. Let’s hope we survive!

Have you set goals for June?

How was your month of May?

Are you running as part of Global/National Running Day?


15 thoughts on “May Mileage & June Goals

  1. Exciting month ahead!! Deep cleaning with kids – like brushing your teeth and eating Oreos at the same time. Lol
    I am so excited for this year’s Global Running Day! Running tonight with my newest running buddy – my 13 year old. 😊😊

  2. Decrease social media time? Really? That’s so hard – I struggle with this too! Good luck with your June goals girl!

  3. I did my Global Running Day thing this morning (#5at5…believe it or not LOL). I need to find a way to streamline my social media time,,,it’s tough when you work outside the home and already have limited time ;-(

  4. Hah – making a list of goals and not thinking about them after that sounds like something I would do, but the fact that you worked towards most of them shows that they really were a priority. My big goal for June is to get through this week – everything that’s on the calendar is happening now!

  5. I took the family out for a 1.25 mile run yesterday. Yeah, they love me lol.

    No big goals for the month. With things how they are, I am taking it a month at a time and just going with the flow. For some reason, I’m doing better that way 🙂

  6. I too need to be better about checking in on my goals on a regular basis. I’m worse about this with my yearly goals than my monthly goals, but I’m trying to make a big effort this year to change that and to not have a repeat of past years.

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