Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 11 Recap

Well folks…this is the last week of my half training and I feel as ready as I’m going to – which is good! Johnny Miles Half Marathon is next weekend (they also have 5k,10k and Full) which I’m ready to run! Week #11 was pretty good but I threw in a few changes due to work and life.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Cycle | Rest Day.

Tuesday: Yoga | 5k Treadmill Run. Was on the road for work, so I missed my lunch time yoga class. Tuesday evening I ran 5k on the treadmill and my legs felt great! Dirty treadmill run…


Wednesday: 8k | 8k. I ran with my running buddy and it was rolling hills the whole time. She continued on and ran another 7k! Did you run on Global Running Day?


Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. But really, I was spending time with my husband….getting ready for a birthday party. Party planning isn’t something I love and procrastination is my game. I wanted to at least jump on the bike and peddle out a few km but that didn’t happen.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it! It was also known as “frantically clean the house while the girls sleep night”.

Saturday: 15k | 12k Treadmill Run. The morning was spent finishing cleaning and setting up for 12 girls to come celebrate my daughters 7th birthday. This meant that the afternoon was party central….12….girls….for….2….hours! Wow, they are busy and loud!

I wanted to get my run in but it was going to have to happen on the treadmill (hubby was working all weekend). So, I jumped on the treadmill and figured after the day I had I’d run 10k. It was 8:30 PM. I ran at a steady pace yet I pushed the speed a little bit throughout my run. As I approached 10, I figured I had another 2 in me so I finished off with 12k.


I’ll be completely honest here – I’m probably more stuck in my ways or stubborn and less determined but I’m so glad I got that run done. I  got off the treadmill feeling ready for my 5th half marathon next weekend.

Sunday: Cross Train | Soccer Game! Yup, I’m back at it! It was my first game since March and my car accident. I was a little “off” during the first half but felt a lot better in the 2nd, we tied 3-3.

Smile for the picture. Hilary – NO!


Total km this week: 25k.

This training cycle has seen the lowest amount of “km” I’ve put in during 12 weeks of running! I know that I should have done speed work to improve my pace but I also know that I listen to my body way more then I ever have. This would be because of the whiplash I’ve been dealing with and I’m finally feeling good about where I am.

Week #12 will have me running a little bit, going to yoga and celebrating our daughters 7th birthday. This race will be what it will be and I need to keep in mind how far I’ve come in 12 weeks (not running due to car accident to running a half marathon).


What’s your favourite thing to do during your last week of training? 

How was your weekend or week of training?

Birthday parties at your house or elsewhere (pool, theatre etc.)?

Today, I’m linking up with HoHo Runs, MissSippiPiddlin and Kooky Runner Don’t forget to check out their blogs!

Weekly Wrap

17 thoughts on “Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 11 Recap

  1. Good luck at Johnny Miles! You’ve got this!
    We use to do birthday parties at the house but have been having out of the house the last few years, although parties are dwindling down as the kids get older. Birthdays are quickly becoming a special supper and family over for cake.
    Have a great week!

  2. It’s always so exciting when you come toward the end of a training cycle. Good Luck at Johnny Miles! You have been putting in a lot of great training and I hope you have an awesome race day experience. During the last week of a training cycle I also like to practice a little extra TLC – more foam rolling, stretching, focusing on hydration, etc.

    Thanks for linking up for the weekly wrap!

  3. Although you mileage is not what you’ve done in the past, I don’t think you can ever go wrong listening to your body. Recovery is not something to breeze through lightly. Good luck!

  4. You are doing so great! I hope you are getting plenty of rest!

    We have moved to doing a trip or event instead of a party. Little man loves having parties, and we usually do have them at home (but I love party planning), but he’s been choosing experiences instead of parties lately. It’s worked out great for everyone.

  5. Oh, I think you are being smart to be conservative and focus on how far you’ve come. We did both kinds of parties for my kids, but I was more willing to have a houseful of girls than a houseful of boys when they were young!

  6. Good luck at your half marathon!

    My younger son always has parties at a venue because he wants to invite EVERYONE. My older son likes smaller groups, so we tend to do something at home.

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