Started Training for Another Half

I’m two weeks into another round training for my next half marathon. This will be my 2nd planned race this year and 2nd half marathon this year. It’s actually a double race: 5k Friday night and half Saturday morning at Maritime Race Weekend in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr, right! It’s a pirate themed event.

I’ve been following a plan that I used last year and another race a few years ago but I haven’t sat down to modify it. By modify, I mean move things around, include my soccer games and changing my long run days around to meet my families’ needs. Last week started off a little rough due to a long weekend road trip to Ontario (I’ll tell you more about that soon). Little sleep for a family of four is hard on everyone!

What was Planned VS What Really Happened

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen | Nothing. Late night of little sleep – no workouts.

Tuesday: Yoga | Rest Day. Literally, I booked it as a vacation day as I knew I’d need it from the long Canada Day weekend we had.

Wednesday: 30 minute tempo run | Ran 5k. It was a pretty basic 5k but I enjoyed it.

Thursday: 5k + strengthen | Soccer game. We had no subs, so it was 60 minutes to running, sprinting and recovery. Needless to say, I’m taking this as my speed work/fartlek training week. And we won 1-0.

Friday: Rest day| Rest day. Nailed it.

Saturday:  5k Race | 10k Long Run. I went out mid morning Saturday in the rain and just ran along our main road/highway. It was muddy and I ended up with lots of sand on my legs by the end. It warmed up throughout my run and I thought the heat was going to get me but I managed to finish strong (which felt good).


Sunday: 9k Long Run | Cycling 10km on my trainer. I had a rather long day at home with the girls (challenging day) and needed something to do Sunday evening. I jumped on my bike which is still on it’s trainer and got in 10k in 30 minutes. I also planked, did some abs exercises and PT exercises for my ankles – gotta keep them happy.


Though I didn’t follow my training plan to a T, I still managed a pretty good week of workouts. I’d love to know how many km’s I ran during my soccer game!

Weekly mileage: 15k (1 soccer game and 10k cycling)

How was your week?

Anyone else run in the rain this weekend?

What’s your favourite cross training workout?

I’m linking up today with Christine @ Into the Glimmer, HoHo Runs, and MissSippiPiddlin. 

Happy Monday!


38 thoughts on “Started Training for Another Half

  1. I’d be curious how far you ran during the soccer game as well! It’s amazing how all those steps (I use that term quite loosely because I doubt you were casually walking along as you played your game LOL) add up.

  2. Great job, Anna! I managed to sneak my run in between thunderstorms on Saturday, which I was pretty happy about, although the humidity zapped me.

  3. Well done! Your next half sounds like a lot of fun! The rain has been so sporadic here in Philly lately, but it hasn’t affected me too much since I’m still in my running “off-season” right now!

  4. I would love some rain. I prefer cold over the heat any day. Running during the summer is tough on me. On a different note, will you be dressing up for the race? A pirate themed race sounds fun!

  5. I’m not going to lie to you–I don’t do much training for half marathons anymore. Mostly, I just try to keep my base during the week (3 runs between 4-6 miles) and a long run on the weekends. And cross training–yep, I do that too! Yoga, cycling, and strength training are all part of the plan.

  6. I would say those are all sufficient workouts for your training plan! So long as you’re staying active and getting in the cardio, right? Great job!

  7. You had a great week! It would be very interesting to see what a GPS running watch clocked as your mileage during a soccer game! Right now, I’m cycling and water skiing for cross training. I don’t mind if it starts raining during a run but find it hard to go out when it is already raining.

  8. Rest day – nailed it! hah
    Seriously though, great week of training! Your race sounds like it will be really fun. I love races that offer a challenge with multiple races at one event. Happy training!

  9. Cross training is hard for me, because I really only want to run – but my running feels so much better when I add strength training. You got a good mix in this week Piper! Love that you even played soccer, and your planned 5K turned into a 10k!! Way to go!

  10. I try to keep up the runs all year long. It is just easier to keep it moving 🙂 You need to wear a tracker during a soccer game, I bet you get in a ton of steps and more distance than you realize ! Have a great week!

  11. My favorite crosstraining by far is standup paddleboarding. Low impact, full-body workout. Perfect! My next favorite is indoor cycling (which I actually just started doing and l love) or biking outside. Looks like you had a good week even though every day didn’t go quite as planned. Thanks for linking!

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