Week 4 Half Training MRW

It was a week of a variety of activity for me: running, cycling, soccer and a little more running and cycling. I’m enjoying adding in cycling to my training as it’s a great leg workout yet low impact on your body.

On Wednesday I surprised myself with an awesome run after a long day and coaching U6 soccer on one of the hottest and most humid night of the week. Those poor kids were feeling the heat just as much as all the coaches.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen | Stretch & Strengthen. I was really stiff after my soccer game on Sunday, so during my lunch break I transformed our office boardroom. After moving tables and chairs around, I did a 20 minute Melissa Bender stretch & strengthen workout. It was just what my body needed.

Tuesday: 6k | 10k Cycling. I wasn’t feeling the best as a stomach bug was going around our house so sitting on my indoor trainer was the best option for any activity.

Wednesday: 35 tempo run | 37 minute (6k) negative split run! This was the best run I’ve had in ages. I started out with no intentions of trying to run negative splits but it just sort of happened. As I was knocking off the km’s, I noticed I was getting faster but didn’t know if I could hold that pace for the last 2km and going up a steep hill. Somehow I managed to really push my pace and even saw 5:45/km! The breakdown of my run per km: 6:47, 6:33, 6:21, 6:04, 6:02, 5:45.


Thursday: 5k + Strengthen | 20k Cycling. I rode my bike to work 9.92 km and then home for 10.42 km. This was my first time bike commuting to work and I loved it. Though I can’t do it all the time, I sure enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again.


Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it! Β I was pooped from my week and my legs/boy were just ready for this rest day. I ended up hanging out with my running buddy that night without kids and without running! We may have enjoyed a nice summer beverage πŸ™‚

Saturday: 3k | Leisurely swimming. I had wanted to try and get in my long run Saturday as I had soccer Sunday night but it didn’t happen. Instead, my girls and I swam for 4-5 hours in my parents pool!

Sunday: 11 km Long Run | 10 k Long Run + Soccer Game. WHAM! I decided to get in a 10k run before my husband went to work Sunday morning. My legs felt heavy for the first 5k but I seemed to get into a better rhythm for the last 5k. After a busy afternoon (mowing the lawn, playing outdoors with the girls and walked Carmacks), I somehow manage to play soccer. The girls came with me and had a blast on the playground while we battled it out on the field. We lost 5-2 but I got a goal….from half field! It was kinda weird as it just bounced passed everyone and we all weren’t sure it was a goal or not. Anyway….I did a lot of sprinting that game so my legs are toast! I’m sure looking forward to some stretching tomorrow.


Weekly mileage: 16k running, 30k cycling.

Though I wish I didn’t miss my run on Tuesday and Thursday, I’m still happy I got in some good leg activity on my bike. I really enjoyed riding my bike to work and hope to do that again this summer at least once more. My week ahead of running might be all over the place but I’m going to do my best to get in what I can.

Do better: I need to do better with my strength training. I missed yoga and with confess I haven’t been doing many PT exercises for my ankle. They need a little TLC, so back at those PT exercises this week.

I’m linking up today with Darlene at My First 5k & More,Β Β HoHo Runs, and Β MissSippiPiddlinΒ Don’t forget to check out their blogs!

How was your weekend?

When was the last time you did double sports in one day?

Do you have a “do better” for this week?

25 thoughts on “Week 4 Half Training MRW

  1. Wow, I love when a run goes surprisingly well. Yay on the bike commuting. I can’t do it but a lot of my MRTT friends are doing it at least some days. It really is hard to fit everything in but hopefully it balances out well enough.

  2. I have not had any good runs in recent weeks LOL, but I did have a great race back in early May. It was a half marathon, and I went into it wanting to just run it by feel and not worry about finish time, etc. I wound up with a 2:02ish finish time, probably my fastest 13.1 is over a year…and it just felt so effortless. Wouldn’t it be great if they ALL could be that way πŸ˜‰

  3. A great run is always a welcome surprise! Looks like a great workout week for you. Since my last tri the variety has dried up around here although I did get a bike ride in this week.

  4. Nice job! and lots of activities! Kudos! It is too hot and humid here for a great run but really right now any run counts as a good one! πŸ™‚

  5. Wow! Congrats on your negative splits! And what fun that it was unexpected! Sounds like a good week of training. As I sit here contemplating today’s run with achy ankles after too much time in heels yesterday, I’m thinking a bike ride is a much better idea!

  6. Look at you on the trainer with a stomach bug. Well done!

    Oh, girl. I can do everything better this week. I’ve been on an unintended hiatus so I’m just trying to find my way through it. There are going to be some false starts along the way, so I just have to be kind to myself and do my best.

    Tomorrow may be a double sports day: run in the morning and zip lining in the afternoon. We will see if it all works out.

  7. Looks like you had a pretty solid week! Negative split runs are the best — especially when they’re unintentional!!

  8. Another solid week. And some great runs in there. Sometimes we have to do what our bodies tell us and switch things up. That Sunday 10k is proof that it was worth it. Nothing feels better than starting out with heavy legs and finding your groove for the second half.

  9. Awesome progression on your 6k run! It would be so cool to commute to work. It’s not going to happen here though. No sidewalks (stupid!) and a super busy highway with countless traffic lights is what I’d be riding on. Congrats on scoring a goal. I bet your legs were toast after running and playing soccer! My do better would be a long bike ride. I missed getting one in this past week.

  10. I wish I could bike commute. I would have to work very nearby.
    Good week of training.Sometimes life gets in the way of our runs.
    The only double sports I have done is tennis and running back to back.
    Thanks for linking up.

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