July Runfessions

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sad it’s the end of July already! July is such a big month between school ending, summer vacation and leisurely nights, I’m always sad to see July end. August means we only have 4-5 weeks until school starts back up again and you try to cram everything in!

July Runfessions

Runfession #1: I’m loving my early morning runs! I get up at 5:30am and out the door by 6am to run as the sun rises in the distance and the heat of the day has barley started. I runfess that I can’t get up during a week day for work as easily as a early morning long run or run before work kinda of day. Wonder why?


Runfession #2: I rather enjoyed my bike commute to work last week way more then I thought I would. I’m not a confident road cyclist by any means however, I do love to ride my bike on the trail. In order for me to ride my bike to work, my husband has to be off work and drop off/pick up the girls AND I have to have a full office day. I travel a lot for work so I can’t just bike whenever my husband is off. All the stars have to align. It took me just under 35 minutes to get to work and I felt so great for the rest of the day.


Even the bike ride back home in the heat and humidity was pretty decent!

Runfession #3: I’ve been really slacking at blogging the last few months but honestly feel pretty neutral about it all. There are times when I want to blog a lot and other times when I’m just putting together a weekly recap of my workouts and that’s it! Here’s the real runfession – I’m trying to decide if it’s time to end the blog or just blog randomly when I want to.

Runfession #4: Summer’s with little kids is hard work! This isn’t me complaining but just recognizing that being a parents with kids is hard work. You work all day (in or out of home) while kids are at day care or day camps; driving kids to sports (and maybe coach them), mini meals and snacks replace family meals, late bed times equals cranky kids in the morning and constantly planning for the next day. It’s exhausting and hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing all these things (driving, coaching, providing opportunities and experiences) but man, it’s hard sometimes. Sometimes I wish parents could get a medal for accomplishing the most simple task. Yup, seriously!


Runfession #5: I’ve been eating nacho’s almost every night for the last two weeks! No joke! I’m obsessed with these spicy nachos, dusted (loaded) with Havarti cheese (and sometime cheddar), kalamata olives and occasionally veggies or ground beef from taco night. It’s not a large amount each night but boy have I been enjoying them! No photo’s as I eat them so fast I forget to take one.

You can check out my other Runfession posts: June, May, April, March, Feburary and January. I’m linking up with Marcia for today’s Runfessions post. It’s hosted on the last Friday of each month.


What are you runfessing this month?

What’s your go to food lately?

Early morning run, mid day or evening run?



22 thoughts on “July Runfessions

  1. I love your nacho a day habit. That is awesome. Re blogging–I know how you feel and i know you’ve wrestled with it in the past. whatever you decide, we will support you!

  2. NACHOOOOOS. My favorite food. Also, I feel you on the blogging thing. I sort of feel like I’m mailing it in these days, but I’m not quite ready to let it go. I dunno. I hope you keep enjoying your summer!

  3. I’ve been struggling to get out the door for the early morning runs. (Like today) I sit and drink my coffee while watching GMA, and before you know it, the heat and humidity is brutal. Today is supposed to be a long run…we will see! Regarding the blog, I’d say just plan on the random blog. That way when life settles down, if you decide to, you can get back to it…you never know where life is going to take you!

  4. I feel you on the blog-front. I grapple with this weekly but I like doing it more than I don’t so I keep posting. 🙂

    I can only do one early wake-up per week or else it really messes with me mentally. I need sleep!

  5. The blogging sometimes feels hit and miss for me, too. I have started skipping a few of my regular link-ups….because I have nothing fabulous to share or I’m lacking the time to properly read/comment on the other blogs in a timely fashion. I have peaked in and read a few blogs, though, even if I haven’t linked mine there LOL

  6. I’m slowing down on the blog for now…but come fall, I know I”ll be back to 3 days/week. It’s kind of fun to blog on the off season and get all excited again about running!

  7. I’m sad about July ending too. My kids go back in mid-August and that’s just wrong. I know what you mean about the blog. I think about stopping all the time. Maybe cutting back is the answer. .

  8. LOL on the nachos. So yummy! My blogging mojo comes and goes but the weekly recap posts keep me honest and I do love Runfessions and our coffee dates.

  9. LOL on the nachos. So yummy! My blogging mojo comes and goes but the weekly recap posts keep me honest and I do love Runfessions and our coffee dates.

  10. Those nachos sounds so fantastic! I do enjoy early morning runs, but typically go mid day due to scheduling.

  11. I’ve had similar debates about my own blogging. Its so hard to keep up, especially with work and a child at home. But after I take a brief break, like for a vacation, I often find myself longing to get back at it. Maybe a brief break is what you need.

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