Week 5 Half Training MRW in Photos

Last week we spent the week in Prince Edward Island near Brackley Beach. It’s one of my favourite places to be. Beach, sunshine, ice cream overload, dinner with family, dinner with friends, dodging jelly fish, cottage life for a week!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:


Monday: Stretch & Strenghten |Nothing. We drove to Halifax to spend the night there and get Carmacks settled in.

Tuesday:ย 6k | Nothing. Spent the day traveling over to PEI. Though I missed my run, we walked along the beach that evening and I got 11,100 steps in that day. There were SO many jelly fish that we couldn’t really swim but managed to get into our waste a few times (dodging jelly fish).


Wednesday: 7 x 400 @ 5k pace | 5k morning run in PEI. It sure was hard getting up but was nice to be running.


Thursdsay: 5k + strength | 5k morning run in PEI. Enjoyed this run a lot. Post long run selfie with my backwards inside out pj’s girl.


Friday: Rest Day | 13k Long Run along Brackley Beach. This was probably my most favourite long run to date. Running near the beach on almost 100% flat ground. I even stopped to climb a set of stairs and take in the view of the beach above.


Saturday: 5k Race | Rest Day. We traveled back from PEI to Halifax, swam, had dinner with my family and then drove back to the Valley.


Sunday: 13k | Soccer Game. I had a soccer game and since my long run was complete I didn’t really do much of anything else. That is besides, laundry, cleaning and getting groceries. The dreaded first day back from being away!

Weekly mileage: 23k. Though I missed 7k and two strength training sessions, I’m still happy with my week of training while on vacation. Let’s hope this week, while home on vacation I can get in my runs in between beach days and adventures with my girls (while my husband works).

Oh, and we ate tones of ice cream while in PEI….three times in 24 hours to be exact!

How was your week?

Do you train while on vacation?

Lover of ice cream?


27 thoughts on “Week 5 Half Training MRW in Photos

  1. Oh yes, I love ice cream, but am pretty good about not indulging very often. I always try to workout while on vacay…running (outside to see the sights) and/or simple body weight resistance exercises (lunges, squats,push-ups, planks, etc.). You did great staying active!!

  2. I feel like everyone I know was going to PEI this summer! It sure looks beautiful there and not to mention the delicious ice cream which also sounds amazing!

  3. Thatโ€™s an impressive amount of ice cream! I like how you kept real by sharing what your plan was and what you actually did โ€“ it makes me feel better about doing the same!

  4. Nice week!!! I train while on vacation if i have a goal race in the near future. If not, then I just try to be active in other ways – hiking, walking, kayaking, etc. I try to plan big vacations around my races if I can, although now that I have a daughter that is a little harder than pre babies!

  5. Looks beautiful there!! I try to train while on vacation, but not always the case… but, I guess that’s why my short vacations now usually include a race. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I think you had a GREAT week of workouts on vacation. When I go on vacation I’m happy with a mile here and there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looks like such a pretty place!!

  7. Love all of your photos from the week! I also love ice cream and Iโ€™ve started eating Halo Top ice cream so that I can enjoy it more often with less guilt lol

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