July’s Mileage & August Goals

So sad to see July end ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve been enjoying our vacation in PEI and staycation this week with our girls: going to beaches, playing mini golf and maybe some back yard camping coming up.

July’s Mileage

It was a pretty good month of running, got back to cycling outdoors and a good number of soccer games.


July’s Goals:

  • Family vacation in Ontario and PEI. Yes, both completed.
  • Use our Canada 150 National Park Pass – Yes, in PEI.ย 
  • Start training forย Maritime Race Weekendโ€“ย (6th) Half Marathon. Yes, on week 6 and it’s not going so well this week.ย 
  • Read two books. (Well, finish the one Iโ€™ve been readying for 2 years and one more). – Ba ha ha ha! I’ve barley cracked open the one I’ve been trying to finish for 2 years. Good lord, I have no time for reading (but sure wish I did!).
  • More early morning runs before work. Yes and on vacation. Cooler temps and energized for the day!ย 
  • Bike to work at least once this month. Yes, completed!
  • Focus on good sleep. Well……..not so much. Staying up late and getting up early for my runs hasn’t helped. However, I have had a few 8:30 sleep-in’s!!!!

Goal wise, July was pretty darn good. I’m enjoying working on mini-goals each month but haven’t really though much for August. These goals are on the fly and I’m totally going to wing it this month. Some might be lofty for me and some might be completed tomorrow (we’ll, that’s a stretch).

Set your goals, share them and then try to make them happen!

August Goals:

  • Run 100 km (Really not sure if this will happen).
  • Go on a LONG bike ride. (Go big, right!)
  • Finish my frigging book. (Dreamin’)
  • Work on strength training to complement my running. (Basically, I’m doing none).
  • Camping – back yard or camp ground.
  • Paddling. Man, I miss being in my canoe and hoping to change that!

How was your month of July?

Good mileage month?

Any mini goals reached?

Though I’m blogging less these days, you can always find me over on Instagram. July’s mileage and goals can be found here.ย 

28 thoughts on “July’s Mileage & August Goals

  1. I too am totally bummed to see July pass by so quickly. Slow down summer! My July was a really great one for running. I’m hoping that August will continue to be great, but there is no guessing how it will go!

  2. Hah! I finally finished the book I started the first week of July. I think we’re going to sign up for a 67 mi bike ride at the end of August, so that will be our longest this year.

  3. I FEEL YOU on the canoe front. I so miss being on the water! I’m hoping to get some paddle time in within the next couple weeks.

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