Week 6 Half Training & Motherhood

Last week was a test of being on vacation (staycation) with my girls, training and testing being a parent. I love my kids but sometimes we all need a break from each other.

I was really worried my training wasn’t even going to happen and I’d have to give up training for this race. This is a first! Not because I didn’t want to run but I was juggling stuff with the girls (beach, mini golfing with friends, failed bike riding and some swimming), my husband was working, house stuff, not to mention both girls had soccer in the evenings. I didn’t think I could find the time to get it all in while on vacation – crazy eh! Let me tell you – I’m happy that soccer will wrap up soon for the girls and we’ll have about 2 weeks of normal evenings again.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen | Rest Day. I just wasn’t feeling like doing anything. Well, we went to the beach for a bit and both girls had soccer that evening in two different locations. Thank goodness for grandparents!

Tuesday: 5k | Missed workout. This was the “testing being a parent” part 1. We had gone mini golfing in the morning and the girls played outside with their friend. I also ran some errands that I was putting off for a long time. One of which was buying some spray for the hydraulics on my treadmill – they are a little squeaky. I was rather frustrated at 9pm when the littlest WOULDN’T GO TO SLEEP. Seriously, way to late for just falling asleep. I was completely done and didn’t want to work out. At least they are cute!


Wednesday: 7k | 23km Cycling. Testing being a parent part 2. I though it would be nice to take the girls out for a bike ride and I’d run/walk beside them and venture a little further from home (including hills). It was going great until it wasn’t and major meltdowns where had. Let’s just say, it wasn’t only my 4 year old that had the meltdown. By the time we made it home, I had cancelled our afternoon beach trip and decided to just stay home. I was done!


Thankfully, Saï was home and he told me to go for a ride or run while they ate lunch and hung out. I chose to go for a ride. Off I went on our local trail at noon on an extremely hot day. I managed 23k, the longest ride for me this year; it took an hour and twenty minutes. I’m not super fast but sure enjoy the ride.

Thursday: 5k + Strength Training | 5k. My legs were tired from my long ride yesterday but I got my run in mid morning in the heat but before the real heat would start. The humidity has been rough here – though it sounds like it’s rough everywhere! We also went swimming in my old boss’s pool Thursday afternoon – so maybe that was my strength training – bobbing around a pool after Hilary.


Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day/Swimming. Nailed it. We swam again and I even managed 11 minutes of random laps in the pool. I’m not a big swimmer, though I kinda wish I was. The girls had a blast. Lilly was working on her diving and did awesome and Hilary realized that she can touch the bottom of the pool AND be on her own (hence the random laps I did).

This is what it’s like to swim with kids and try and do a few laps for yourself.


Saturday:  10k Race | 10k. With my husband working all weekend, a race wouldn’t be possible so I just ran 10k before my family was up. I ran my usual route (out and back) on the main road where we live and it was pretty good but humid.


Then we went to beach.


Sunday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it again! I though about working out but decided just to relax Sunday evening after a busy day with the girls.

Mileage:  15k running, 23k cycling, leisurely swimming.

And that’s a wrap! My week felt all over the place with running, trying to be a good parent, entertain my kids/not entertain my kids (they play on their own too), keeping the house going. Honestly, I think it’s easier when I’m working…ha ha, just kidding. It’s just a lot more busier. I do like that I can get my laundry and dishes done during the day though – sometimes there is a silver lining, right?

How was your week?

How’s the weather? Are you battling the humidity?

Anyone run/race this weekend?



44 thoughts on “Week 6 Half Training & Motherhood

  1. Sounds like a very busy week to me. I love seeing all your pics… your girls always look so cute and charming… how COULD they ever be naughty? Here is to a good week of training for you!

  2. I feel you on the “all over the place” aspect of the week. I find myself in a back to school frenzy here with orientations etc this week. Hooray for some beach time!

  3. I’m a mum and I can totally relate to this. Trying to juggle motherhood and running is not a walk in the park. I am glad you managed to do most of what you had planned out to do this week. I am also on a half marathon training and currently on week 3. I planned it out for 16 weeks and gosh is it tough! Will be back for your next update.

    Have a fruitful week ahead.

  4. It is really hard over the summer when schedules are off and everyone is trying to figure things out. My workouts definitely took a hit because I just couldn’t find a way to make them work, or we were spending time as a family. It happens, and things get back on track.

    It’s ridiculously hot and humid here. That’s just the nature of living in Florida. We have to go to the beach first thing in the morning or else it’s like being on the surface of the sun LOL!

  5. I love how you nailed you rest day! Way to get ‘er done! Boy, I do miss my kids being that small (they’re all in their 20s), but I sure don’t miss the meltdowns! Treasure them as well as all of the other moments…they are fleeting!

  6. Nice job getting in as much work as you did! As they get older, it gets a lot easier for you. My kids still have meltdowns, but they aren’t as bad as they used to be. And now if I need to get that time apart I can just go outside. They understand proximity now, it’s awesome. Such a relief.

    • Aww thanks, sometimes life is a bit crazy. When I’m doing good strength training – it’s a HITT workout, IronStrength workout or Jillian Michaels with some weights. Right not it’s just simple squats, pushups and Physio exercises for my ankles and hamstrings (lunges, balance etc.).

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