Week 7 Half Training MRW

Last week just seem to fly by! Training was kinda all over the place but going into last week I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do all of my workouts in the order on my training plan. Sometimes you just have to readjust or miss a workout in order to take a much needed rest day.

When I chose my training plan, I didn’t really choose wisely. I basically took last year’s training plan and changed the dates. It was simple and easy. I still had to add in my soccer games and oh you know – juggling life with kids and their soccer too.  I’m all about listening to your body and sometimes I miss a run or two because of that but honestly, I just want to avoid injury. I’ve had my fair share, that’s for sure!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen | Rest Day. I was pretty tired from my weekend (long run and soccer) so I took a rest day. Really, I should have just changed all my Monday’s to a rest day as I’ve done that in other training plans.

Tuesday: 7k | Yoga. I went to my lunch time yoga class after a few weeks of missing it. It felt great.

Wednesday: 8 x 400 @ 5 pace | Soccer Game x3!!! All three of us had a soccer game Wednesday night! Hilary’s was a practice at a different field then Lilly’s game that was right before mine. Thank goodness for grandparents as my husband was working! Speed work on the soccer field instead of the track – I’m fine with that. We won our game and I did lots of sprinting and recovery – so basically – fartleks.


Thursday: 5k + Strengthen |5k Runch + Strengthening – kinda. I ran at lunch which wasn’t the best run but I got it done. That evening I didn’t do any major strengthening but did some of my ankle PT exercises, squats, push ups and lunges.


Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it again! Oh, I love Fridays!

Saturday: 7k | 14k Long run + Yoga. My long run had me up early, so early (5:15am) that I felt back to sleep for 30 minutes! When I finally got out for my run, I got to watch the sun rise in the distance and then the grey sky move in. It was an out and back kinda of long run and on the way back I got caught in the rain. Despite the rain, I had a great long run.


After I quickly showered and ate breakfast, I took the girls to Valley Yoga Fest! We did it last year and they loved it. I did the Vinyasa yoga class while the girls did the kids yoga and it was all indoors as it was pouring rain! They had sessions all day but we just couldn’t swing getting back to any other classes, maybe next year. It’s a great event and always inspiring to see the strength of the yoga community. It’s also awesome to see other Mom’s bring their little kids and practice yoga. The rest of the day was spent crafting and relaxing.

Sunday: 14k Long run | Soccer Game. Since my long run was done, we took the day to get school supplies for both girls. What an adventure that was shopping with two girls – thank goodness Saï was with us. School doesn’t start until September 6th here.

I had a soccer game that evening that had me running and sprinting my tired (post long run) legs off. My legs are tried so you bet today’s going to be a rest day.

Total weekly mileage: 19k running, 2 soccer games, 2 yoga classes.

What I’m loving lately: Tiux Seawall compression socks. Oh my, they are so soft yet the compression is just right. Discount code: ANNASTIUX for 20% off!


My running mileage might be super low but those soccer games have me running hard so I’m find with missing a few runs for soccer. Yoga is such a great complementary activity for me to do. I’ve been hanging out with my foam rollers lots as I have glutes and quads that are hurting.

How was your week?

Do you replace runs with another intense activity?

What are you working hard for lately?

Last week’s training can be found here.

I’m linking up today with Running with AttitudeHoHo Runsand MissSippiPiddlin.



39 thoughts on “Week 7 Half Training MRW

  1. I can only imagine how time consuming soccer must be! I’ve replaced all my runs with other activities thanks to my tendon injury. I can only hope I’m working long/intensely enough. Ugh.

  2. Good for you for listening to your body and fitting in what you can. Plans aren’t perfect and we need to listen to our bodies and spend time with family. That yoga fest sounds so awesome. How great to be able to enjoy it with your family!

  3. Good for you for listening to your body! I have never replaced a long run with other exercise, but I’ve definitely replaces shorter runs with an intense spinning class, or boot camp.

    Family time trumps everything and I really think you’re doing a great job of balancing everything!

  4. Great week! Even if you didn’t get all of the runs in, you had plenty of exercise from the soccer games and yoga! I don’t swap runs for other workouts because I run on a really limited schedule to begin with…usually 4 days a week. On the other days though I cross train, strength train and do workout videos or classes. It all adds up right?

  5. Wow on the family soccer night. Did the girls get to watch you play? How cool to have a family yoga event. Love that you all took part. I bet a Fitbit would tell you that you get in a lot of distance during soccer!

    • My oldest was able to see my play, my other daughter was at a different field (community). I wish I could wear a fitbit just to see how many steps/km I take during a soccer game but it’s not permitted 😦

  6. I would think all the soccer is a thorough substitute for running…especially for any speed work or sprinting drills. I have never heard of that brand of compression socks…totally love the colors!

  7. I wish school didn’t start until after Labor Day like it did on the old days. Your soccer is like my water skiing. You know you worked incredibly hard, but you can’t quantify what you did. I’m really good at my rest days too. Mondays are a must!

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