Week 9 Half Training MRW

What a week of running! This might be my first week (of 9) that I actually did all the running!!!!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen | Rest Day. I was done after four games of soccer on the weekend.

Tuesday: 8k | 8k morning run! I still can’t believe I managed this before work.


Wednesday: 5k | 5k. Another morning run done before work!


Thursday: 5k + Strengthening | 5k + SUP Yoga! Yup, another morning run before work AND I went to my first ever SUP Yoga class! I was super nervous about falling in the water but also because I didn’t know anyone going. Apparently,  my desire to try the sport trumped the desire to have a friend go with me. It was so much fun and I didn’t fall in. At the end of the class I even managed to hold a crow pose!


Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. FAVOURITE. DAY. OF. THE. WEEK!

Saturday: 15k Race | 18k Long Run. I was up early and hit the road by 5:47am and managed to finish my run in 2:00:02! It was really cool out and I was nervous I wasn’t dress warm enough but once again, you warm up once you get going.

It was an out and back kind of run with a few little spin offs into subdivisions and random roads. I was kinda hoping I’d be able to finish around 2 hours and when I was 2.5k from home I picked up my pace as I though I had just enough time. The last .3/km was uphill which wasn’t smart to finish on but I pushed it hard through the last few hundred meters.


Sunday: Soccer Game|Rest day. I had to miss my soccer game as we were busy with two family parties: one celebrating my Mom’s 70th and another send off party for my brother and SIL as they are posted to another Province 😦

Weekly Mileage: 36km running, 1 SUP Yoga class. No soccer.

This was probably my best week of running and I’m really loving my early morning runs. This week coming will be a little all over the place as I’m on vacation and have an appointment with the Osteopath on Monday to sort out my back, SI joint and hip flexor, which means 2 days of rest (no activity).

How was your week?

Ever try SUP or SUP Yoga?

Are you into early morning runs or another time?

8 thoughts on “Week 9 Half Training MRW

  1. Kudos for you for being a morning runner! 💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️I’m more of an evening runner myself, but most races are in the morning, so I should switch to morning. I dislike feeling rushed before work and feel more relaxed on evening runs.

  2. What a great week! Way to go. My brother got married in Aruba and my sister-in-law arranged a day of SUP yoga class for the ladies. I was training for a marathon so I went to the class and then ran back to the resort. My only fear was falling in and getting all salty and having to run back covered in salt and chafing. It kept me from trying some of the more adventurous moves!

  3. Way to go Anna!

    I haven’t tried SUP yoga but have thought about it. I don’t want to fall in the water though either as I don’t like lakes and what could be at the bottom. ha

    Sounds like you had a good week and I think taking Monday as rest after all that soccer was a good plan.

    Where are your brother and SIL headed to now?

    And you know I am a morning runner 🙂

    • Hey Kyla!
      I think you’d love SUP Yoga! I too, don’t like lakes and what’s at the bottom but I just went for it anyway. Luckily I didn’t fall in but was so close a few times!

      Last week was a great week, this week not to much but it’s all good. My brother and SIL are off to Borden, On 😦

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