Sometimes You Just Need to Run

Sometimes you just need to run – that statement has been true for me the last few weeks. If you missed why I wasn’t running or had a DNS for my MRW half marathon – check out the post here.

Almost every day for two weeks, I just wanted to run but I couldn’t until I was “cleared”. So once I was allowed to run, I did. Taking two weeks off running kinda sucks. My lungs hurt after that first run. My body ached for two days after that first run. I just needed that run even if my lungs hurt or my body was going to ache.

Saturday I went for a “long run” to test out pacing for my upcoming race. I’m pacing the Valley Harvest Marathon 10k – 1:10 finish on Sunday (Canadian Thanksgiving). Oh I can’t wait to eat all the food as well. This will be my second time pacing this race, this distance and this pace with White Rabbit Pacing – I’m kinda excited!

Before last Saturday’s run, I just wanted to get out their and test out my legs, my lungs and my pace. I had no plans of where I was going to run until I stepped outside. I had no clue how far I wanted to run until I hit the 5k mark and decided I should turn around and head home. I had no plan other then to practice pacing and then had a little fun on the last two km’s.


I practiced my pace of 7:00 minute per kilometre. I really want to run 6:55/km this Sunday in order to finish under 1:10 but I’ll talk more about that in my next post. So I ran, up a steep hill that I thought I was going to die on and figured that if I can do this now, next week will be easier. I ran on rolling hills, an old unpaved country road with cows and horses on each side of the road. I got chased by a dog for a minute until the owner called it back – that wasn’t really fun. But, I ran.

I just needed that long run. A confidence booster after my bubble was burst out of my hands a few weeks ago. I’m moving on from that thankfully but sometimes you just want to run! I needed that run Saturday.

How was your weekend?

When was the last time you needed a run? (or ride, yoga etc).

Anyone take in any fall-like activities?

21 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need to Run

  1. I just had one of those “needed-to-run” runs earlier…deep in thought and prayer for Las Vegas. My body was moving in slow-mo (from the weekend’s runs), but I just had to do something…

  2. I haven’t run since my race a week ago b/c I’m trying to get rid of PF before my race this weekend, but I am really wanting to run now that the weather is nice!

  3. The internet ate my comment 😦 I’m glad you were able to get out to run, I know that feeling of having to take time off and miss a race – it sucks! I hope you enjoy being a pace bunny for the 10k, I’ll be looking forward to your recap!

  4. I’m just catching up with missed blog posts on my phone and just read about your heart scare. I need to write a longer reply from a computer… I too had a heart scare (and a “no running” decree from the Cardiologist that lasted 10+ days, and a stress test!) and it deflated my confidence for several weeks, even after getting a clean bill of health. I’ll write more on your other post later tonight…

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