Little Ankle Rollin’

Hello Wednesday!

I feels like this has been the longest week and it’s only Wednesday! I started off the week on a bad note. I some how managed to roll my right ankle while walking my dog – no joke! We had spent the day pretty active – a leisurely bike ride with the girls, an afternoon walk with Carmacks and yeah, even the boring stuff of doing laundry and dishes.


Hilary and I went for an awesome walk with Carmacks on the Harvest Moon Trail (old rail bed to trail). Hilary ran more then walked and would run back to me when she got too far down the trail. At one point I told her to run to the closest gate and wait for me (I could see her and she could hear me). There was a runner coming in the other direction. As she ran towards the man, she raised her hand to wave hello and kept running. He waved back and responded with a surprised hello!

As he approached me, he said “you have a good runner on your hands”….we sure do, I replied! I was a proud mama runner.

As we approached our car to drive back home, I rolled my ankle on nothing. I could still walk but it wasn’t great. Ice became my friend and I missed yet another planned run that evening. I decided to brace my ankle and do an Iron Strength workout which kicked my butt. My body hurt until Tuesday night…sitting down hurt, walking up stairs hurt and maybe even laughing hurt too.

My ankle felt better this morning so I took Carmacks out for a quick 3k run to start off the day. No pain in the ankle so it’s healing well. Man, is it ever hard to get up at 6am, bundle up and get out the door for a run. I seriously had to talk myself into that run. I kinda want to go back to summer mornings and yes the heat too, just so I feel more motivated to run.


This weeks workouts so far:

  • Sunday: Cycle, walk and Iron Strength
  • Monday: Restorative Yoga.
  • Tuesday: Rest Day (aka – travel to the city for a full day of sitting, oh I mean meetings).
  • Wednesday: 3k run with Carmacks to start the day.

Tomorrow, it’s back to playing soccer as the indoor season has starts. I’m looking forward to playing again.

Also Wednesday started off with some sad news as Gord Downie passed away (Not to mention John Dunsworth and Tom Petty last week). My oh my, what a man, what a musician, what an advocate! His songs hit your in your heart. His poetry brought you home and his advocacy leaves you with wanting to do more in life – to be a better person. If you don’t know who he is, please take a minute to look him up and listen to his music as the Tragically Hip are one of the most amazing Canadian bands.

Some favourites songs: Bobcaygeon, Wheat Kings, Ahead by a Century, Courage, Long Time Running, Fiddler’s Green…just to name a few, RIP Gord.


How’s your week going?

Ever roll/tweak your ankle walking?

Anyone else struggling with their morning runs?


28 thoughts on “Little Ankle Rollin’

  1. I am always paranoid walking the dog through the park. I try to stay on the pavement as much as possible because there are acorns and walnuts EVERYWHERE…some are hidden under the leaves, none the less. Ugh.

  2. Morning runs are tough to get up for, especially as it gets darker and rainier, but I feel so good afterwards that I’m really trying to keep them up!

  3. Hey Anna,

    Good to hear you are on the mend. Take care when you play soccer. Perhaps wear a brace for your first game? You know best.

    I roll my ankles trail running a lot but thankfully bounce back most times. Things like hoping from side to side or skaters are good for strengthening ankles. Just a thought. 😊

    As for morning runs, they are a struggle in these temps/weather but perhaps ‘reward’ yourself with something after you get back. Maybe it is a hot cup of tea or coffee or your fave smoothie. Sometimes those things help. I do this with my water in the morning. I can’t have coffee until I have drank my 1.5L of water when I get up. Tricks but if they work you can create a habit.

    Good luck.

    • Kyla, you always have the best advice!

      I did wear my brace for soccer and running and will do so until it feel 100%. I’ve also been adding in some ankle workouts each day that I’ve been neglecting to do! I forgot about the hoping from side to side one and going to add that in – thanks!!

      Love the idea of the “rewards”. I enjoy running with our dog as then I know he’s had some good activity that day. Being a retired sled dog we’re going to have to up our mileage together, ha ha!

      Hope all is well!

      • Happy I could help with some ideas.

        Maybe just knowing that your dog is enjoying being out is reward enough. 😉 Slow and steady for you both.

        Home sick today but everything else is good. Have a good week.

  4. I used to love the Tragically Hip back “in the day”. It seems like all these music icons are dying. I guess that means I’m getting older!

    I only roll my ankle when I’m doing nothing! Whenever I get hurt, people assume it’s from when I’m running, but nope!

  5. I had terrible ankle strength as a kid so I would roll my ankles walking ANYWHERE. There were actual marks on the hallway back to my and my brother’s rooms from me falling down!

  6. Sorry about your ankle, glad it is feeling better though. I love the cooler whether abs happy to get out and run it, my cooler is like 69-70 though.

  7. Oh no!! I hope your ankle is alright. I’ve definitely rolled mine just walking… I even sprained one once just walking to my dorm in college. That was embarrassing.

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