Weekly Workouts; Run, Soccer, Cycle.

Happy Monday!

I’m feeling like November is just too close for comfort! With basically a full week away, it’s going to be here before we know it. Which means, wrapping up October with some runfessions later this week and Halloween fun for all this week I’m sure!

Weekly Workouts:

  • Sunday: Iron Strength Workout / Bike Ride / Walking Carmacks *ankle roll*
  • Monday: Restorative Yoga
  • Tuesday: Rest Day (was on the road for work all day)
  • Wednesday: Short 3k run with Carmacks before the kids were up.
  • Thursday: Soccer Game (we lost 3-1 but it was a great game).
  • Friday: Rest Day.
  • Saturday: Rest Day / Girls had their first basketball session and then I had to work. But it was fun work hosting a gender equity workshop for women interested in becoming board members (in sport & recreation). Though it was a super long day with my girls + working (they came too), it was a good day.


  • Sunday: AM: Cleaning/washing and more cleaning. PM: Leisurely bike ride. I had the best bike ride with my girls. It was about 45 minutes in length but we stopped to say hi to a friend, then to play at a playground and in the woods, then back on the bike for some more fun before heading home.

Also, this is what biking with your kids looks like, granted this was an empty parking lot:



I feel like running has totally taken a back seat lately. I have very little interest in running before work but will do a short run with our dog. I enjoy going for a runch but really have to plan those ones out. I’m exhausted once I finally get the girls to bed at night and just not feeling like doing anything but dishes, making lunches, folding laundry – just kidding. I have a treadmill so it’s not like I have an excuse when my husband is working.

I’m sure running will creep back into my life more but it is what it is! I want to run a “Jingle Bell Run” early December and maybe even thinking about a winter half. A winter half in Nova Scotia can mean running on ice, snow or clear roads, it’s really hit or miss.

Though I might not be running, I am really loving getting out on my bike with my girls. Usually, they just bike up and down on our quiet road but last weekend I decided to bike with them. Yesterday we decided to bike to a friends house and the adventure just continued from there. No, I wasn’t going at my normal pace but it was so much more enjoyable to go at a slower pace WITH my kids.

My ankle is healing but not 100%. I wore a brace at my soccer game (and running) last week which helped. I was actually planning on weaning myself off the brace from last year’s ankle injury (inside of ankle not outside like now). Anyway, looks like I’ll be wearing it for a few more games until my recent ankle roll is 100%.

Have you ever run a winter half marathon?

Are you even thinking about Christmas themed races yet? (too soon). 

How was your week?

I’m joining back into the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.


21 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts; Run, Soccer, Cycle.

  1. My son and I were signed up for a half marathon last April. We thought we would be fine, but we woke up to 27 degrees and an inch of ice on the ground as it had been raining and sleeting all night. He wanted to bail all together (which we should have) but I convinced him to go. We would up taking a turn and completing the 10K instead.

  2. I run a lot of winter half marathons, but I live in Florida so I don’t know that my winter counts LOL. There is a Santa themed run here, around Christmas, and I get a complimentary entry to it, so I think I will give it a try.

    Take care of that ankle!

  3. I’ve definitely run a winter half marathon – but I live in San Diego so winter isn’t really an issue here! And I don’t think it’s too early to think about holiday themed races at all!!!!

  4. I usually have my last race in November or early December and then nothing until March. I wouldn’t mi d a cold race if we could wait for the start inside. I’ve lost my mojo for running in the dark so OTF is my main weekday running and it’s not much.

  5. Oh no I hope your ankle heals quickly! My running season starts in Fall and goes all the way through Spring so yes Winter running is right in the middle, course it is a bit different down here in Mississippi. It could be 60-65 degrees for a race start in January! Christmas themed races are always fun!

  6. Biking with your girls sounds like a great thing to do! I recently tweaked my ankle and wore an ankle brace for about a month. I tell you, it was the most supportive brace I’ve ever used and I could wear it while cycling and running. I had to make myself stop. I hope your ankle issue resolves itself quickly! Thanks for linking.

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