October Runfessions

Hello last Sunday of October! I was planning on having this post ready to go on Friday since that’s when Runfessions happens with Marcia, however life got in the way.

October was a decent month but I have a few runfessions to share with you. It’s been a rather warm month in Nova Scotia with temperature highs of 22C (71F) which is abnormally high. I’ll take it!


Runfession #1: I runfess that I took advantage of our late summer weather and ran in shorts and a tank top a few times. I even ran 3k after my indoor soccer game because, well, why not? I was already sweaty and warmed up.


Runfession #2: I runfess that I had great plans to run the half route of MRW since I missed my race back in September but it’s just not going to happen. I’m not in half marathon shape and it’s going to take another month or so to get back there. I just can’t pull it off right now and I think I’m finally okay with that. Which leads me to my next runfession.

Runfession #3: When I didn’t run my race in September, I still got all the swag items: tank, mug, bib strap holder, hat and socks (lots of swag at MRW). That swag is still in it’s bag under my dresser as I just don’t feel like I should wear it since I didn’t run it.

Runfession #4: I runfess that I really want to run the Hypothermic half marathon on January 14th in Halifax. This is a race I wanted to do for a long time. I volunteered a few years back at a water station which was a lot of fun. However, it was a horrible year for snow and ice and the route was entirely ice. I saw so many people almost wipe out and fall as well….something I’m not interested in. So this will be a wait and register last minute depending on the conditions. It’s an expensive $80 or so for a last minute registration fee but if I trained for it, I would have something to focus on over the coming months. Anyone else in NS planning to run Hypo half?

Runfession #5: I runfess that I finally learned how to add my stats to a picture on Garmin to share! Seriously, I just learned this.

How To Add Garmin Stats Yo Your Photos

  1. Open Garmin Connect on your phone.
  2. Open up your recent run that displays the time, distance and calories in little bubbles.
  3. Click the share button.
  4. Options are to a). photo with stats or b). web link. Choose photo with stats.
  5. Pick photo you want to use, crop photo and then share on social media. Done!


I still can’t believe it was that easy to add the stats to my photos. Obviously, I’m not that tech savy 😉 That’s all the runfessions I have for you! Nothing major but a few runfessions none the less.

What do you want to runfess from October?

Do you throw out Halloween candy at all?

Ever wear swag for a race you didn’t run?

You can check out my other Runfession posts: September, AugustJuly, JuneMay, AprilMarchFebruary, and JanuaryI’m linking up with Marcia for today’s Runfessions post. It’s hosted on the last Friday of each month (not Sunday…like me this time around).



20 thoughts on “October Runfessions

    • Charlotte – sounds like it was a hard half to run after that fall. However, you completed the distance of a half marathon! I know it’s hard to accept when the race didn’t go the way you expected. I’m still not happy that I didn’t get to run my MRW half last month….12 weeks of training gone out the door just like that.

  1. Nope, I don’t wear swag for a race I didn’t run. That hypothermic half sounds like a real crap shoot. We have something similar here in Chicago and mostly it’s sub-zero and all ice but there are years when it’s mild as well. Wish I had a freaking crystal ball! Thanks for linking!

  2. Hypothermic half? Oh, no thanks! Two years ago my son and I signed up for a half in April. It sleeted overnight and then the temps dropped to 27 degrees F! My son wanted to bail but I said we should go. The roads were entirely covered in ice. There were people wiping out like crazy. We decided to make the turn and finish the 10K instead of the half. Wise decision, for sure! I agree I would wait until the last minute to register for something like that!

  3. We have a race nearby around Valentines Day. Usually, it’s butt-cheeks-freezing (and that’s part of the charm about it…it’s called the Red Flannel Run, after all). This year, though, it was in the upper 40’s, i think…which is about 20-degrees warmer than usual. I actually wore my red plaid shorts! I doubt that will ever happen again LOL

  4. You just blew my mind with that Garmin thing… for realz?! How easy!! I’ll have to use it next run. 🙂

    And I dunno about that January run. Seems really cold and icy… at least around here, and I can’t imagine it’s much better farther north by you! Maybe a game time decision?

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