November Runfessions

It’s that time of the month – Runfession time. I almost feel like I don’t have anything worthy of runfessing. Having said that, I’m just going to keep typing.

I runfess that I haven’t run in a week and not allowed to run for another week. I sprained something (ligament/joint) in my lower back last Saturday morning. I was getting up off the ground from helping my girls get their boots on and instantly had massive pain across my lower back. It was like reliving child birth all over again – no joke. I couldn’t stand up or walk without pain which took my breath away. It took four days (until Wednesday) to stand up straight, even my kids could see I was standing with my upper body slanted! The pain was horrible, especially when going from sitting to standing. My chiropractor said no movement other then walking – yeah me!

I runfess that I’ve been sitting a lot lately in meetings at work, like day long meetings and they are killing me. Not the content or the people but the sitting. I often stand up in meetings (many of us do). The good news is that during these full day meetings, we try to get out for a little walk or hike. I got rather muddy on Wednesday!


Also, my Blundstones above are completed shot! They look fantastic, minus the mud but the soles are ripped apart! I’m so sad that I have to get a new pair but these puppies have been on my feet for 9 years!  I runfess that I’ll be sad to say goodbye to them. I know it’s not recommended but has anyone ever had their Blundstones resoled ?

Lunch time hike


I runfess that I’m not ready for my daughter’s birthday parting coming in a week. I’m trying to find time to get ready for it (buy stuff, make up games, figure out food etc.) but it seems like I have very few minutes in a day to get this shit done. Help!

I runfess that i’m not celebrating Thanksgiving right now for good reason, Canadians celebrate it in October. However, I am completely jealous of the food you are eating and family/friend time you are all getting. I will also share that my parents DID celebrate American Thanksgiving yesterday! They invited some of their American friends over since they couldn’t be back home with their own families and had a dinner last night. I’m also jealous of that get together last night, wish I could have joined them.

I runfess that I feel like I’m eating like crap lately and can’t get motivated to come up with new meal ideas. I was doing really good at the beginning of November – meal planning, prepping for meals and even making meals ahead of time. I’ve seemed to fallen off the radar with good meals lately. Open to easy and quick meal suggestions!

Those are my runfessions for November. Okay, one more. I runfess that I hope I can get my shit together and avoid any and all injuries in 2018. It’s been one injury or redirection after another this year and I’m done with that.

On that note, Happy Friday folks!


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What’s your favourite Thanksgiving food to eat?

Anyone else struggling with meals lately? 

Are you done with 2017 or ready to enjoy one last month before 2018?