Snowy Running

This time of year usually brings lots of snow to Nova Scotia, however it can be hit or miss depending on the temperatures. At the moment we have a few cm of snow on the ground, enough to make winter running a challenge.

Depending on the roads, I either run in just my sneakers or I throw on my yak tracks like I did this weekend. There are few people that put studs (or screws) on an older pair of sneakers and that works too. I’m thinking of putting some screws on a pair when I don’t want to wear my yak tracks but want some stability on the ice and snow.

We had a busy weekend of a basketball jamboree, library for the kids and cleaning the house for me, skating and then a Christmas sock exchange party for our kids.


I’m not ready for Christmas and feeling completely unorganized but have a plan in place to get back on track before the holidays. It’s a different one this year as my husband who’s a paramedic works ALL Christmas 😦 It sucks big time but that’s life as we know it. We’re moving a few things around and Christmas will look a little different this year but we’re making the most of it.

Saturday afternoon while my parents were visiting and had the girls at the library, I snuck out for a 45 minute run. It was just what I needed. Yak tracks, Carmacks, snowy trails and me.


It was bloody cold out! It was -5c (23f) but felt like -11c (12f) and though I was dressed warm it was still a cold run. Eventually, I got used the the temperatures as my body warmed up but this was my first COLD run of the winter. I basically wear the same things when I run but layer up my core as the temperature drops more.

Winter running is always slower running for me and I’m just find with that. Carmacks is loving life running with us. Between Friday running with my husband (7k) and 6k with me Saturday he sure is raking up the mileage!


We’ve been working on turning around and running back towards the location we just came from and managed it pretty smoothly this time. It’s all a learning curve for us. It’s amazing how he can remember which way we have gone when having to decided between left (haw) and right (gee). I often didn’t even have to give him the commands (for lack of better word) to tell him which way to turn, he remember through scent I guess. He does not like stopping to pose for a photo!

How was your weekend?

Anyone else running in the snow?

What’s your best tip for snowy runs?


29 thoughts on “Snowy Running

  1. As a nurse who has worked many Christmases, I get it! Yes, it sucks, but I guess what really sucks is for the people who need our services on the holidays. We always made the best of it at home and it worked out just fine. Enjoy your holidays! Nice snowy runs.

  2. Yikes, that is cold! I’ve been afraid to try putting studs in my shoes. For now, I am being lazy and treadmilling it. I absolutely love the idea of a Christmas sock exchange. I might have to do this next year!

  3. I’m always amazed how much colder the same temps feel when there’s snow on the ground (because the snow keeps my feet cold). We still have not had any snow in Iowa…but I think some its headed our way on Thursday…

  4. I don’t run, but I looove snowshoeing and getting out in the snow. But we haven’t had hardly any this year so I’m super jealous of you all! I’m hoping the snow they are predicting for us this weekend will come true!

  5. Nice job with your snowy runs. We’ve had just a little snow here and I got to run in it just as it was starting. I love snow runs but they do feel colder!
    Bummer that your husband has to work on Christmas – I hope with a little juggling you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday.

  6. I’m one of those people with the studs in the bottom of their shoes. 😉 But I much prefer my trail shoes for winter running since they’re weather-resistant as well. Makes for less cold/wet toes.

  7. I hadn’t heard of a Christmas sock exchange – what a fun idea! My FIL was a pilot, so they often celebrated Christmas on a different day. It just makes the fun last longer!

  8. You’re definitely getting into the “too cold to run outside” for my pleasure, but we’ve had a few snowflakes here too, no accumulation yet. I’m loving it, but all of your snow is beautiful!

  9. Your dog must be the happiest creature with all that running togetherness! Mine collapse into a heap of despair going for a pee in the cold.

    Love my screwed shoes, though be careful walking into a Starbucks that you don’t wipe out! Not quite as bad as walking on floors in yaktrax but close!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Thank you for your post. Our snow has melted, but your post has me so excited for when it snows again. I LOVE running in snow. That soft sound, the lighter footstep (on snow instead of pavement), the feeling of the snow on my face, the quiet. It’s such a blessing! I look forward to more of your stories. I am a blogger too, and love to write about running.

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