December Goals & Mileage!

Happy last day of 2017!!! And….Happy New Year’s Eve!

I had planned on posted this early in the morning but didn’t have a chance to come back and finish it so…it’s now done. December was a month of getting back on my feet, back into physiotherapy for my back and hip, enjoying winter running and of course, lots of family time over the holidays! I had some specific goals for December and manged to accomplish …. all of them!

  • Get into Physio and identify injury/recovery plan. – Yes, still going.
  • Be active. Yes – more active then last month (thank you physio). 
  • Set up my bike trainer. Yes – on Dec 28th and almost all by myself!


  • Celebrate two special people getting older (youngest daughter and my husband). We had a fun birthday party for my daughter and then were spoiled for a complete stranger when we went out to dinner for my husband’s birthday. A gentleman paid for our meal – we were all blown away!
  • Decorate for Christmas *after birthdays*. Yes – we started decorating around Dec 7th.
  • Volunteer at my children’s school. Yes – they have a Christmas Shopping party every year and I volunteered all day. 
  • Continue to blog weekly (including end of year posts). I did blog weekly but just!
  • Bake cookies (vegan ones too) with my girls. We baked lots of vegan treats! 
  • Start to think about 2018 goals. Slowly but surely I’m thinking about them. 

A few extra accomplishments this month: I became a 2018 Tiux & Nuun ambassador again!!! Pretty excited about being part of these programs again! This is the first month I managed to do all my monthly goals! As for my running mileage, I managed a few great snowy trail runs with Carmacks and a few treadmill runs.


Running Mileage:

  • Running: 44 km
  • Aqua Running: 2 classes
  • Yoga: 1 class
  • Skiing: 1 (Dec 31st)
  • Soccer: Missed a lot of games 😦

I’ll be wrapping up my full mileage from 2017 in the New Year as I haven’t had time to put together that lengthy post. All of the goals I set in December were things I wanted to do and made time to do…some at the very last minute. Looking back, though it was stressful it was a great month.

Did you set and achieve any goals in December?

Was December a busy month for you?

How are you celebrating New Years?

Hope you have a great New Year’s Eve! All the best in 2018!

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22 thoughts on “December Goals & Mileage!

  1. December is always crazy! For some reason, this year it didn’t seem as busy as usual. I was able to get the decorations up right after Thanksgiving (well, most of them), and had all my cards mailed out in the first week or so of December (which is like two weeks early for me!). And the running streak went smooth, even with the insane arctic temps in the final 10 days of the month. Alas…now I can enjoy a bit of an off-season break 😉 Hope you have a great 2018 😉

  2. I think that December is probably the busiest month of the year for most people. I think we should give ourselves grace during that month and just be happy with whatever workouts we can fit in!
    Congrats on setting up your bike trainer!
    Here’s to an awesome 2018 🙂

  3. I had a relatively low-key December but it included 2 business trips, my cookie baking day, a 15K, plus the usual holiday stuff. Love your NYE pic!

  4. haha, I should set up my bike trainer too, but it’s kinda loud and I live on the second floor so I’m worried about annoying my neighbor! x_x

    It sounds like you had a busy but fun month though. :]! Great way to finish off 2017! Happy new year!

  5. I let go of my training in December to focus of family time more! It sounds like you did a great job fitting in what you could!! 🙂

  6. Congrats on achieving all your December goals! Great job getting your bike trainer all set up. I would love a trainer. I want to bike more and we don’t live in the best neighbor. 😦

  7. What a nice gesture your family received on your husband’s birthday. This happened to my family back in November, and I was in complete shock when we found out that somebody decided to take care of our bill for us. Despite everything going on in this world, there are some genuinely good people left on this Earth.

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