Easy Trail Running

Slowly but surely I’m getting back to running. It’s not an easy process when you have to take 3 weeks off (or longer) but I’m working my way back.

My plans for the hypothermic half in January have definitely gone out the door and that’s okay. For now, I’m just focusing on getting in a few runs during the week outside or inside on my treadmill, oh I mean merry mill.

Last Sunday I managed to get out for a 5k with Carmacks on our local trail. It was an old rail bed turned into trails or “Rails to Trails” as some people called it. It’s now part of the Harvest Moon Trail. It was the first time we ran down from our house to the trail and it’s only 1km away to the trail head. Carmacks did really well crossing the street of our busy highway – thank goodness for traffic lights!


We took our time and just ran at an easy pace with only a few pee stops for him. One thing we have to work on is stopping and turning to run back where we just came from. Poor Carmacks was rather confused when I slowed him down and turned him around – he almost came out of his harness!

As we ran back along the trail he settled back into a running grove and even pulled me up the two little hills we had to climb back into our subdivision. Carmacks is up for any distance these days but we’ve been running 5k’s with him so far. It should be fun to see how he does on longer runs – hopefully we can test that out soon!

For now, it’s easy runs for me. So speed work, no tempo runs, just easy running. Enjoyable running. Injury free running! My back is doing so much better and I’m starting to sort out my hip as well. I’ve been approved to get back to yoga (which I may have already done yesterday at lunch) and cycling! Time to get my bike on it’s trainer! As for soccer, I’ve got to wait a little bit longer until I know my hip area is happy and stronger. It kinda sucks but I’d rather get stronger and healthier now then be in pain long term.

The weather has been all over the place in Nova Scotia lately. We had a small dumping of snow on Monday and today’s rain washed it all way. But…don’t worry because the temps are dropping tonight fast so we may have more snow. Let’s just hope it’s not too icy for folks out there driving!

How’s your week going?

Where is your favourite place to run this time of year? Trails, indoors, roads?

Anyone have any running plans for the holidays?




Carmacks & Kid Stuff

It’s been five months since we adopted Carmacks and it’s like he’s been with us for years! He’s cute the routine man and is settling in really well.

If you missed how we adopted him, you can read that here. He settled in over the summer months really well with some minor adjustments for us all.

He’s pretty content being a house dog now and hanging out on blankets. Originally, we had a cozy dog bed in his crate but apparently sled dog’s don’t like cozy beds! We found out the hard way and minus $45 later. A quick trip to Frenchy’s (second hand shop) for three fleece blankets and he was in heaven.

He also loves treats!


He’s a great running buddy!


He loves hanging out in our bedroom, even when we are not home. He dislikes the vacuum and the broom and sheds like CRAZY! He still follows us around the house and surprisingly loves the warmth of our wood stove! He is patiently waiting for a big snow fall (*cough* mother nature) so he can go out to play.

Kid Stuff

It’s been a busy fall of basketball and Brownies, birthday parties and our youngest turning 5!!! Life seem crazy at times between both of us working full time (Saï on shift work), the girls both in school, taking care of our dog who loves to be active and sports etc. Sometimes it’s hard to slow down and just enjoy the moment we are in.

We recently went out for dinner to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We don’t eat out very often as a family so it was really nice. An older gentleman ended up paying for our meal!!!!!!!!! He was sitting behind us during our meal and we said hello on the 4 trips to the bathroom (life with kids!) and then he came to talk to us before he left. At the end of our meal the waitress came over with a blank receipt and it said Merry Christmas. She informed us our meal had been paid for by the man. Socked and surprised we sat there for a while just taking all that in…yeah, some tears formed in my eyes.

We left that meal feeling extremely thankful and took the time to explain to the girls what he did and that we needed to do something for someone else. And we did! Yesterday, we went to a local tree lot and gave a donation for another family (any family they wished) for the purchase of their tree. We wanted to pass along the kindness that this man provided for us. Hilary and I went down to the lot and explained to the owners what we wanted to do and they were happy to do so for us.

Though life is busy, I was able to slow down and enjoy this part of the “season” of giving with my family. Christmas will be different this year as my husband will be working for all of it (sucks big time with kids) but that’s life as we know it. Santa might come on a different day in our house.

Have you ever had a pay-it-forward experience?

Are you waiting for the snow to fall like us? 

Have you ever had to have Christmas early or late?


On The Move Again

So I can get moving again, as in running! Well, light jogging but I’ll take that over doing nothing.

This past Monday, I got into see my go-to physiotherapist.  After a very thorough assessment of my back, he eliminated my SI joint which I was really surprised. Apparently, I’ve got some issues going on with a disc in my back and potentially my hip bone.

At the beginning of my appointment I could barely bend to the left side and by the end of the appointment, I could bend down/over and touch the outside of my left knee with ZERO pain. It was amazing!

My main focus right now is to do extensions three times a head and try to sit less. Sitting less can be hard when you have a desk job or are in meetings all day. I often drive 1-2 hours for meetings, only to sit again and then drive back home. It’s sure taking a toll on my body. That’s one of the reasons I love running as I can get in a quick run (or walk) when I’m having to sit for most of the day.


I’ve also been approved to go for a light run outside….WOOHOOOOOOOOO! I was wanting to go the last few tights but we had to attend Brownie enrollment, celebrated husband’s birthday and then a Christmas party last night. I settled with a lunch time walk on Monday and just waiting for a time to lace up those sneakers again!

I’m happy to finally have some answers to the pain I’ve been having for months (and re-injured two weeks ago). Time to do my exercises, get stronger and back to running and eventually soccer and yoga too.

How’s your week going?

Have you had any Christmas or holiday parties yet?


November Mileage & December Goals

Another one bites the dust! Dun…dun….dun…

Life can sure throw you curve balls when you least expect it. I’ve blogged far less then ever before this month as life is just too busy to sit and write. Also, when you have a running blog and aren’t running or doing anything fitness related it’s kinda hard to write. Yes, I haven’t been running but only due to a new injury…or is it old? I dunno anymore. Curve balls aside, I’m trying to keep moving forward.

Mileage for November


Down & Out. 

So for the last two weeks I’ve been injured. I was finally starting to feel really good with my back from my car accident in March and then hurt my lower back standing up. Something popped, I couldn’t stand straight for 4 days and it was horrible. Since I could barely stand, there was no running, no soccer, no yoga classes or anything else. This week (week 2 of being injured) I saw some slight improvements but still in pain and no running, soccer or yoga. I’m heading back to physio on Monday and can’t wait to get this sorted out. My Dr. believes it could be my SI Joint / piriformis muscle as that’s the area the hurts.

Running for me isn’t just about the next race or looking good in neon spandex (kidding). It’s about feeling good, feeling healthy, for my mental health, dealing with stress, a decompression in my busy day, among other things. So, the last two weeks of not running and being in a large amount of pain has been rough. However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and have a physio appointment booked for Monday. Stay tuned for an update next week.

I have been walking A LOT lately. Walking is my thing (now).


November Goals:

I did not meet all my November goals and had high hopes I would. But you never know when something will happen to change your plans. You just have to deal with it as best you can and keep moving forward.

  • Run 2-3 times a week – NOPE
  • Design a half marathon training plan for Hypo Half (Jan 14th 2018). NOPE.
  • Strength Training (Core workouts, IronStrength and old PT exercises). Started this but had to stop.
  • Run outside as much as possible – NOPE.
  • Dust off treadmill – YES!
  • Start thinking about races for 2018 – YES, I have a few on my list and maybe a few surprises (provided I can sort out my ass…oh I mean glute/SI joint area.
  • Renew Blog – Done for another year!


December Goals:

  • Get into Physio and identify injury/recovery plan.
  • Be active.
  • Set up my bike trainer.
  • Celebrate two special people getting older (youngest daughter and my husband).
  • Decorate for Christmas *after birthdays*.
  • Volunteer at my children’s school.
  • Continue to blog weekly (including end of year posts).
  • Bake cookies (vegan ones too) with my girls.
  • Start to think about 2018 goals.

Though I’m frustrated and disappointed that I am injured and November did NOT go how I wanted it to, it was still a lovely month. I celebrated 10 years of marriage, got to watch my daughters play basketball, walked my dog every day, enjoyed a warm & cozy wood stove fire while we watch Christmas movies and I also tried aqua running! Minus the injury and pain, it was a good month!

How was your month of November?

Are you setting any December goals? 

What’s one thing you want to do this month?