Running Mileage for 2017 {in photos}

It’s amazing how many kilometres, laps, games or classes one can accumulate over the span of a year. I started doing a running mileage of the year post last year and thought I’d continue on.

I’ve shared these all on IG, as that’s where I post daily but you can also see the totals at the bottom of this post from running, cycling, soccer, yoga, skiing and more.

























Yearly Total Mileage / Games / Classes etc.

Running: 643 km

Races:  3 (Half, 5 miler and 10k)

Cycling: 237 km

Soccer Games: 31

Yoga Classes: 24

Skiing: 5

Skating: 3

Snowshoeing: 2

Aqua Running: 2

SUP Yoga: 1

Barre: 1

Bowling: 1

My favourite new activity was SUP yoga and I hope to do more of that this summer. I’m also planning to get back into aqua running when my work schedule permits.

That’s a wrap on my mileage, classes, games and other adventures in 2017. I’m not sure what 2018 will bring but I’m sure I’ll be running, cycling, playing soccer, going to yoga and more!

How was your mileage in 2017?

Did you try any new sports/activities in 2017?

Anything you are planning to try in 2018?


30 thoughts on “Running Mileage for 2017 {in photos}

  1. Good work Anna. Love the different backgrounds for your pics. October’s is my fave. 😁

    I tried a flamenco class and decided it wasn’t for me but I laughed with my friend Karen while doing it so it was fun.

    Want to try to add more mileage this year and add in more speed work to see if I can get faster. Also, want to check into other dance classes in Vic. See what maybe I can do.

  2. It’s been fun following you in 2017 and it looks like you had a wonderful variety of activities. I’d love to try SUP yoga sometime. I suspect I’d be the one falling in!

  3. Very impressive notes!! I’m more of a hand-writer (as opposed to computer-based) because I like to have an actual 3-dimensional document in my hand LOL Somehow it seems more legit 😉 YOu amaze me how active you are, not just on your own, but especially with your family. You’re setting a great example for your daughters!

  4. It’s always fun to look back on the year and I love how you captured each month in a photo.

    I can’t wait to do SUP yoga again when I go back to Florida in March.

  5. Wow what a year! I actually don’t track mileage! when I’m training for something I do track my weekly mileage and share it in weekly blog posts but I don’t do cumulative. Maybe I need to (or just check my Garmin..haha).
    (my previous comment was from a super old blog that it logged me into, you can delete it)

  6. That’s a lot of mileage! Way to go! I don’t have plans for running this year. But plan to work on strength training quite a bit.

  7. I’m such a numbers person! I love how you have put all this together! I’m totally going to do that this year! (Hope you don’t mind that I’m going to copy you)

    I started spinning in 2017, in September. I always wanted to do that but was chicken to try! dumb! I love it! wish I hadn’t waited so long. Plan for this year is to try at least 3 other classes at the gym. I already did the circuit training, I want to do BodyAttack and then maybe Les Mills GRIT or the CrossBox I WILL do new things at the gym. Not hoping to do, just doing!!

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