Recap of 2017 Goals

Last January, I set a few yearly goals that I wanted to work on. Some I did, some I didn’t and some that I just forgot about. Maybe I set too many but I set them anyway.

Before I share with you my 2018 goals, I need to recap last year’s goals! These are the goals I set and how I did!


2017 Goals


Be outside as a family. We were outside a lot, everything from snowshoeing, skiing, to swimming in the summer and biking. I coached my youngest in soccer so I was on the field with her for 10 weeks. In the fall, we kept riding our bikes into November as it was still that nice out!

Go camping and canoeing. Sadly, this one did not happen at all which was disappointing.

Use our Canada 150 National Park Pass. We did use our Canada 150 pass while in PEI but didn’t get down to Keji (hence not going camping).


Run more with my family. We didn’t really run much as a family 😦

Run more then last year (846 km). Nope! A car accident and heart problem stopped me from running a lot.

Volunteer at a few races in any capacity.  I only got to volunteer at the Valley Harvest Marathon 10k as a pace bunny and I had a blast! Sure hope to do this more in 2018!

Run at least two half marathons. SO CLOSED ON THIS ONE! I ran a half in June and then two days before my 2nd half, I had some heart problems and was advised to stop running until further testing. Heartbroken for sure!

Go after PB’s. This. Did. Not. Happen.


Strength train/Cross train/Get Stronger. I did a good amount of cross training (yoga, cycling, swimming) but really need to do better at strength training.

Keep Blogging. I did keep blogging but sure lagged a lot.

Practice More Yoga.  I didn’t practice more yoga and hoping to do more in 2018.

Be a wannabe cyclist. Check! Since getting a trainer for my bike I was able to do more biking. However the best biking was with my daughter’s in October and November.

Declutter the house. Yes, I started the process but man I just wish I could take a full week off to do a super clean and declutter of my house with no kids around. It’s amazing what you can get done on your own!

Set mini monthly goals. Yes, I did this every month. Most months I didn’t complete all goals but that’s okay. Setting goals gave me something to work towards rather then just doing nothing.

Challenge myself. I think so but kinda feeling like this goal should have been more specific.

Journal. I did some bullet journalling for running which I liked and started off the year with a gratitude book but gave up on that. I write in a book/journal for each of my daughters about life stuff and kept that up for the whole year. It’s something I plan to give them when they are older and hopefully they will enjoy reading about their childhood shenanigans :).

So those were my goals for 2017. Some specific, some open and vague. I do appreciate setting goals and working towards them and even not achieving some of them. I’m human and life happens so you can’t do everything the way you want to sometimes. You readjust your goals and go again!

Do you set goals for the year?

Ever give up on them, abandon them or adjust them? 

What’s your number 1 goal for 2018?

21 thoughts on “Recap of 2017 Goals

  1. Oh, the journals you are keeping for your daughters will be treasured for sure. I do wish I had something like that. As for your fitness goals, you can’t help what happened and have to follow Drs orders!

  2. I love that you have kept journals for your daughters! I took diligent notes on all of my kids’ baby books, and was a pretty accomplished scrap booker…until the digital cameras entered the scene. I have millions of pics…but most are on memory cards SOMEWHERE. At least, in recent years, I have a lot of pics on my phone…but I need to get them printed or put into an album of sorts…

  3. Sorry about your heart issues…it sucks giving up on goals, but your health is most important and there will always be another race. Mini goals are awesome and definitely a morale booster.

  4. I think its normal and ok to abandon goals! Our intentions are always changing. My big goal in 2018 is to get through the craziness of having twins and do a new workout program called 80 Day Obsession.

  5. I’m sorry about everything. I can imagine you are frustrated by how things went, especially with your health. I think setting mini goals are a great way to keep yourself on track and get through some of those tough times.

    I hope you are able to get in more of what you love in 2018! I look forward to seeing where the next year takes you!

  6. Test ….. I am having trouble commenting so this may be a duplication 🙂

    Happy New Year. What a great way to track & to celebrate what you have accomplished the previous year. Hope you have a wonderful 2018. No more injuries!

  7. I have tried bullet journaling a few times, but I always feel like I’m not “good” at it. Even though there’s no wrong way, haha!

  8. you know sometimes things just happen and you have to adjust. I think you did great. Better that you didn’t reach certain goals and make sure you are OK. I don’t really know anyone who smashed every single goal they had. I know last year I didn’t smash much because life and injuries…

    this year my number one goal is to reach my goal weight. I have been too lax and now it’s affecting my running. I don’t have to lose much. but it’s GOING to happen.

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