Jan 15 – 21st Weekly Wrap Up

I’m behind the times with my blog post! We had such a busy weekend of attending a University basketball game, the girls basketball practice, birthday party for the girls, hitting the hill and more……that I ran out of time to blog on the weekend. So here is my weekly wrap up from last week!

January 15-21st

Monday: Indoor ride 20.43 km. Nice and easy ride.


Tuesday: Indoor ride: 24.47km – 60 minutes of riding.

I missed yoga as I had a sick kid with me at work. Strep throat hit both girls this week and it was horrible to see them in so much pain. Thankful for meds, that’s for sure!

Wednesday: Physio appointment/Rest Day.

Thursday: Indoor ride: 20.37km. My butt hates me but my legs are feeling stronger!


Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Cross Country Skiing! I wanted to run but had 2 hours of kid free time and thought I’d hit up our local trail (Harvest Moon Trailway) for a little ski. I did 6k and it felt pretty good on my hip which got sore later on. I iced it and that helped. It’s been a few years since I’ve pulled out my cross country skis…hope to get on the again this winter!


Sunday: More winter fun….we went downhill skiing Sunday morning. It was super busy at Martock but that’s to be expected. The girls had a blast and asked when we could go again!!


I’ve yet to get in a run but have a few more days until my next physio appointment to get a run in. I’m loving cycling lately and seem to be racking up the mileage there! It helps that I can watch a show while I ride….or at least listen to a show while I peddle my legs.

Also, I still haven’t written a 2018 goals post. I have it drafted but changed it 10 times already. I’m wondering if I should even post about it at this point.

How was your week?

Anyone else get outside on the weekend?

Have you set your goals for this year…this late before?

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14 thoughts on “Jan 15 – 21st Weekly Wrap Up

  1. That’s a great, active week! Hopefully physio continues to help and you can get back to running ASAP! I’ve just been lazy as all get out lately, and have hardly been working out at all. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things in February!

  2. I had such good intentions to go XC skiing when we had all that snow. But it was SOOOO cold. Glad to see you’ve stayed active! Running will be there for you.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Looks like a fun time on the mountain! I hear ya on the late posts! I finally got around to my year in hiking review post that was intended for right after new year’s but I figure it’s better late than never.

  4. Sounds like a great week. Sorry your girls were sick. Strep is going around here, too. Fingers crossed we avoid it.

    Question about your bike. Did you switch your back tire? I haven’t yet. I know I should. But wondering if I really need to or if I can get by without…

    • Yes, I switch over my back tire with one for a trainer tire. It provides less wear in my original tire. It’s thicker and harder to get on but worth it. I think you can get by without it but it will also create more wear and tear over time.

  5. I have never tried cross country skiing. I can imagine it is a fantastic workout. But, how nice to be able to snow ski when you want. That requires a vacation for us! LOL. Watching TV really does help with the long cycling sessions. It’s such a great cardio session and my go-to when I can’t run. I’m sorry to hear both of your girls had strep. That is certainly no fun. Thanks for linking!

  6. Hope you get to run soon.

    I wish I liked the cold more or I would try snow shoeing or x-country skiing. I can barely drag myself outside to run.

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