January 2018 Runfessions

Every time I come to write these Runfession posts, I’m blown away that the month is wrapping up and a new one is starting. I still feel like it’s early January and I’ve lost a week’s worth of time!

Runfessions are shared on the last Friday of the month and is hosted by Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice! You can check out her blog and read about lots of other blogger’s Runfessions in her link up!

January Runfessions

Runfession #1 – I haven’t run in along time and haven’t felt the desire to run! Eeek! That felt good to get off my chest. I mean, I’ve wanted to get a run in all week but the desire to actually go for a run is non existent…until last night. Well if I am really runfessing….I only ran last night because I have physio today and I wanted to see how my hip/glutes would react. I’m happy riding my bike on the trainer, skiing with my kids and taking a few extra rest days in a row to just relax! Running motivation is low.


Runfession #2 – I want to get a road bike! Good lord, what have I done by writing that down on my blog! Though I love my trail bike that I have and it’s probably all I need, I’m tempted to start riding on the road more come spring/summer. Honestly, I have no sweet clue if I’ll actually get a road bike but I want one, ha!

Runfession #3 – I love running outdoors in the winter – specifically on the trails with Carmacks – but I’m 110% unmotivated to run outside in the winter at night time this last month. It’s not the cold or even the ice under foot, I just have zero motivation to do it. Maybe it’s because I’m not training for anything or really running all that much….or that I have a treadmill in my warm basement. I dunno!


Runfession #4 – Being a runner, you usually have a few races in mind or have at least registered for a race in the coming year. Though I have once race on my plan, I haven’t registered or even looked at other races. I just really want to sort out my hip/glutes and oblique problems before I fork over money that might go to waste.

Runfession #5 – I would like more snow! I know, some of you aren’t a fan of me now but we like to play in it, ski in it, snowshoe in it and well……….there is only a slight dusting down. If it could just snow 5cm each night for a week, we’d get enough accumulation to play in the snow yet still have school on and safe roads. Just sayin’!


I also runfess that I’m not making any 2018 goals for the year…just not feeling it. However, I’m going to continue to make monthly goals. I’ll blog about it at some point. Happy Friday folks!

Can you believe it’s the end of January already?

Have any runfessions you want to share?

Love or hate snow?

26 thoughts on “January 2018 Runfessions

  1. I’m with you on snow. I love it and want more! A cold, snowy, sunny day is awesome. Beats warmer but damp, gloomy days in my book. I’m kind of goal-less this year as well. I really need to find a way to get in the Tokyo or London marathon for 2019 since I did not this year. 😦

  2. I cannot believe it’s the end of January!!! I think it’s awesome to listen to your body and mind if it is just not into running right now–good for you!

  3. I’m happy that January is almost over because I am over winter! Don’t want any snow!!! I hate the cold. blah blah blah

    I have registered for quite a few races – some in June and Sept and even Nov. I now. I am race-possessed.

  4. I think that if your body is telling you that it doesn’t want to run then you should listen to it and run when you finally feel like it again. Just because people ‘know’ us as being runners doesn’t mean we can’t stray from that. I speak from experiencing ‘guilt’ because I wasn’t running and doing what I thought everyone else thought I should be doing. It took time to come to terms that it was ok that I wasn’t running and there is more to me than that. Finding passions for other things is good for us.

    As for snow, I’m good to not have any. I am happy to drive to it but don’t need it in my day to day world. It is pretty for a short time though.

    January has gone by quickly but it has been a great month for me full of fun and new experiences.

  5. I honestly do not love snow, but I do like it in small doses. I figure if it’s gonna be freezing cold in the winter, we might as well have something to show for it, right? I just do not like the wind blowing it everywhere or when it comes via a blizzard. But when it falls in nice, big flakes? Or seeing it glisten in the sunshine? That I LOVE 😉

  6. Aside from your last runfession (because I hate snow), I feel like I could have written this runfessional verbatim. I haven’t had any desire to run AND I’m considering getting a road bike!! What is wrong with us?! Have we crossed over to the dark side????

  7. I love my road bike but the way people drive around here–I don’t like to ride it on the road. I will take it on the trails tho, and I love how I can fly!!

    I’d like more snow but not those bitter cold temps, please!

  8. It’s great that you aren’t missing running that much. I think I lose motivation when I have to give so much thought to what to wear and get all bundled up.

  9. January has indeed flown by!

    I haven’t run much and I miss it but I don’t… you know it’s a weird feeling. I totally identify myself as a runner, but I’m not running much and I feel a bit like a fraud! On the other hand, I’m not super motivated because I too have issues (my foot) and frankly I’m just sick of it all. Sick of trying everything, sick of taking a really long break, sick of not doing any marathons (or hardly any training or races) while the rest of my entire running crew (and husband) are moving on, improving and getting PR’s. Ugh. However. I *am* signed up for a half in March and a half in May (that I may change to a full…*shhhhhh*) and I’m going to fake it until I make it. Training starts next week!

    I love biking and I highly recommend it! BUT… I live in a super bike-friendly country and I go out on my hybrid for everything – for commuting, for supporting the hubs on long runs and for longer, faster rides when the urge strikes. The hubs got a road bike last year and he started riding to work once a week -and he works 40km from home. Not a huge deal, but then he was doing 6 days a week running training as well (and he qualified for Boston still, so I guess it worked out).

    I hate snow. No that’s not true. I like it. When I’m indoors. And I don’t have to go anywhere 😀

  10. It’s funny (and annoying) how we all go through waves and running motivation. Sometimes we feel guilty about it, but we totally deserve breaks from everything in life. Just roll with it. I really despise winter. It’s pretty and all, but I love warmer weather and not having to layer up!

  11. No I can’t believe it’s almost over. I wish it would just end but then I think about all the training I have to do then I think … no …
    Keep the faith … winter can suck the life out of motivation. You will get it back. Get that road bike!

  12. No I can’t believe it’s almost over. I wish it would just end but then I think about all the training I have to do then I think … no …
    Keep the faith … winter can suck the life out of motivation. You will get it back. Get that road bike!

  13. My running motivation is really low, too. I WANT to run, but between the cold weather and darkness and ice… I can’t even be bothered to drag myself to the gym and get on the treadmill. Oh well. I also love snow, even if I don’t actually get out to play in it much.

  14. January normally feels like a slow month to me, but this year it flew by! Next thing I know it will be the holidays again!
    My runfession is that I actually started running again after 3 years off due to injury/fear of reinjury!
    I moved south to get away from snow/ice/winter weather, and what happens in Houston? 3 snow days!!

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