January & February Goals

First off, today is #BellLetsTalk Day in Canada. This means that every time you text, share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat), long distance phone calls on mobile and home phones, Bell will donate 5¢ towards Mental Health initiatives in Canada. ANYONE can use the #bellletstalk hashtag – PLEASE do today. Join the conversation!


I’ll likely be tweeting, texting, sharing more on social media today because mental health is important to me. With friends and family members who live with depression, anxiety etc., it’s one thing I can do to help. Have the conversation, not just today but every day.

Back to my original post for today.

January Goals

Though I set my January Goals rather late, they were simple goals for me to focus on. Simple and easy goals is were it’s at for me this year. Maybe later on I’ll set some other goals but I’m taking it month at a time.

  1. Stay Active. I feel like I accomplished this. I ran, downhill skied, cross country skied, skated, cycled and went to yoga. Most of it was done with my daughters. Oh and we walked our dog A LOT!
  2. Go to Physio (sort out hip/obliques) – Yup, weekly PT appointments are my thing now. Seeing some progress but still in some pain with my obliques.
  3. Enjoy time with family. – Yes! We had a busy month from skiing, learning how to skates again, read a lot of books, watched some movies and Netflix (got the girls hooked on the old Full House), we even got sick together.

February Goals

February Goals

February will be about challenging myself a little bit. I want to plank every day with no time commitment. I’ll continue with my physio and strengthening my hip/obliques. I want to cycle 100km since I’m not running high mileage and loving being on my bike for 45-60 minutes.

I also want to ski as much as we can and would love to take my girls night skiing but all the stars have to align for that one! And the Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to watch Canada (and other countries) at the Winter Olympics. I think one of the things I like the most about the Olympics is being able to expose my children to multiple sports. They can watch the athletes compete individually and as part of a team.

Did you reach any goals in January?

Are you going to watch the Olympics?

Do you have any goals planned for February? 

Don’t forget to text, tweet, share with the hashtag #bellletstalk today!


23 thoughts on “January & February Goals

  1. Those look like great goals, Anna! I haven’t really set any this year yet and I’m feeling a bit like a slacker. I guess I’m mostly just focused on getting into the new house and settling in. Once that’s done, I’ll see about other goals.

  2. I’m very excited to watch the Winter Olympics! I’m a huge fan of both the summer and winter Olympics. There’s just something about watching the best athletes int he world performing on an international stage.

    I am loving your goals for February!

  3. I always enjoy watching the Olympics…I think it’s a great big “group hug” for all athletes from all over the world. The skiing events are especially fascinating to me because I’ve never skied (and am terrified to even think about now #knee), but it’s fun and exciting to see what they can do on the side of a mountain.

  4. That’s so cool that the phone company does that. How generous.

    I’m glad you’re getting your hip/oblique issue figured out. It helps, doesn’t it?

  5. My January wrapped up well, but the first couple weeks were a bummer and I felt like I’d never get back on track with my goals. Looking forward to a great February and obviously being inspired by all those amazing athletes at the Olympics.

  6. What a great initiative that Bell has! As far as February goals, I’m hoping to just get back into a good groove with tri training – 1-2 days a week of swimming, 2x/week running, and 2x/week cycling. The last month was hard because either I was sick or my son was sick, which really took away a lot of training time. So Feb is all about consistency!

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